The Table Topic session on Sport Horse Practice (with a focus on eventers) at the 2010 American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Meeting, held Dec 4-8 in Baltimore, Md., was well-attended by approximately 100 people. The discussion began with soundness management of the three-day event horse. Major topics of discussion included shock wave therapy and regenerative medicine. Attendees credited shock wave therapy as a good management tool for both back and neck pain in event horses. Regenerative medicine was discussed as both part of a routine management plan and as part of therapy for acute soft tissue injuries. Both platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy were mentioned as frequently-used therapies for managing soft tissue injuries. Attendees also brought up other treatments such as mesotherapy (a pain-dampening technique that stimulates the middle layer of the skin) and cervical facet joint injection. The discussion then turned to treatment and rehabilitation for acute soft tissue injuries such as superficial digital flexor tendonitis and suspensory desmitis.

Some additional topics were discussed briefly, including: treating event horses in an FEI compound, gastric ulcers, and transport concerns. A brief update of the United States Eventing Association's Cardiac and Pulmonary Research Study was given.

This session was moderated by Christiana Ober, DVM, of BW Furlong and Associates in Oldwick, N.J., and Karen Nyrop, DVM, of Burwash Equine Services in Calgary, Alberta.

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