FEI Reining Committee Proposes Changes

Updating the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Reining Strategic Plan, establishing a timetable for Continental and World Championships, and a review of the FEI Rules for Reining were among the points discussed at the FEI Reining Committee meeting held on 30-31 May in Tioga, Texas (USA).


The FEI Reining Strategic Plan, approved last year by the Committee, was updated with action plans and timelines developed for each of the five objectives. These include having Reining fully integrated into the FEI system, encouraging more FEI-approved competitions, establishing a timetable to increase the number of stewards and judges, and improving the sport's press and television coverage worldwide.


FEI Rules for Reining were reviewed with clarifications made in regard to qualification for major championships. A division for juniors and young riders was recommended with rules to be presented to the Committee for final approval.


Continental and World Championships were incorporated into the FEI events calendar, with the next World Championships scheduled for 2008, following the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen.


Moreover, the Committee requested rules being developed for recognized FEI Reining competitions within breed association shows. A task force was appointed to act upon this initiative; it is due to report to the Committee by 1 July.


The members of the FEI Reining Committee are Frank Costantini (USA), chairman, Robert Thompson (CAN), Raymond Grether (NED) and Antonio Giraudini (ITA).


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