John Steiner, DVM

John Steiner, DVM, is associated with the Hagyard-Davidson-McGee veterinary firm near Lexington, Ky., and specializes in reproductive problems.

Articles by John Steiner

Reproductive Emergencies in the Stallion

 Although uncommon, reproductive emergencies will occur in the breeding stallion and when they do, prompt attention and action must be instituted. Trauma to the external genitalia is always a possibility under natural mating situations Read More

Managing Barren Mares

Not every mare that is mated during a breeding season becomes pregnant, nor does every mare that conceives carry a foal to term. Failure of conception, early embryonic losses, and abortions are a fact of life in equine reproduction, and problem Read More

Prepping Stallions

It's getting close to breeding season. What are some tips on getting my stallion, my crew, and myself ready? Read More