Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer

Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer, is a lifelong horse owner who competes with her Appaloosas in Western performance events. She is a University of Kentucky graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Communications and Leadership Development, and master's degree in Career, Technical, and Leadership Education. She currently lives on a small farm in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Articles by Jennifer Whittle

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Of the 795 respondents, 437 (55%) said fall is their favorite riding season. Read More

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Poll Recap: Barefoot for Winter

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Poll Recap: Older Horse Care Concerns

Readers said maintaining weight, osteoarthritis, and other lameness were their top senior horse care concerns. Read More

Poll Recap: Rabies Vaccination

Of the 854 respondents, 681 (80%) said their horses are currently vaccinated against rabies. Read More

Poll Recap: Horseless Times of Life

Of the 439 respondents, 348 (79%) said they've been horseless at some point in their life. Read More

Poll Recap: Venomous Snake Concerns

Of the 351 respondents, 174 (50%) said they live in an area where ratlesnakes and other venomous snakes are a concern. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Evacuation Plans

Of the 263 respondents, 137 (52%) said they have an evacuation plan for their horses in case of a natural disaster. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Lameness Concerns

Of the 755 respondents, 209 (28%) said foot-related lameness is their biggest equine lameness concern. Read More

Poll Recap: Rehabbing an Injured Horse

Of the 420 respondents, 349 people (83%) said they have rehabilitated an injured horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Genetic Disease Testing

Of the 270 respondents, only 74 (27%) said they've had a horse tested for a genetic disorder or disease. Read More

Poll Recap: Hot-Weather Horse Transport Concerns

Of the 502 poll respondents, 224 (45%) said their biggest concern is keeping horses from overheating in the trailer. Read More

Poll Recap: Youth Equine Organizations

Of the 392 respondents, 202 (52%) said they were or are a member of at least one equine youth organization. Read More

Poll Recap: Beating the Heat in Horse Barns

Of the 630 respondents, 323 (51%) said they use fans to keep horse barns cool during the summer. Read More

Poll Recap: Free Horses

Of the 502 respondents, 348 (69%) said they have acquired a horse for free. Read More

Poll Recap: Summer Horse Health Challenges

Of the 250 respondents, 110 (44%) said their biggest challenge in the summer is keeping horses cool in extreme heat. Read More

Poll Recap: Radiographs for Horse Hoof Care

Of the 359 respondents, 101 (28%) said their hoof care professionals use radiographs to make trimming/shoeing decisions. Read More

Poll Recap: Concerns About Equine Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Of the 274 respondents, 201 (73%) said they are most concerned about West Nile virus. Read More

Poll Recap: Training Across Riding Disciplines

Of the 305 respondents, 166 (54%) said they've cross-trained their horses outside their primary riding disciplines. Read More

Poll Recap: Taking Time Off Work for Horses

Of the 430 respondents, 93 (22%) said they take more than two weeks off work each year for horse-related activities. Read More

Poll Recap: Horses and Water Crossings

Of the 820 respondents, 396 (48%) said they are confident that their horses would cross water. Read More

Poll Recap: Public or Private Lands for Horseback Riding?

Of the 825 respondents, 370 (45%) said they do most of their riding on private land. Read More