UKVDL Releases 2016-17 Testing Fees

Effective July 1, the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UKVDL) implemented new fees for several tests for fiscal year 2016-2017. The fees were approved by the UKVDL Advisory Committee.

UKVDL Test New In-State Fee New Out-of-State Fee
Contagious equine metritis $19 $28.50
MIC Panel, equine isolates only $13 $19.50
Avian influenza, PCR $40 $60
Lawsonia intracellularis, PCR $40 $60
Tritrichomonas foetus, PCR $22 $33
Field necropsy, equine fetus/foal $70 $105
Gross necropsy, equine adult $160 $240
Gross necropsy, equine fetus/foal $90 $135
Gross necropsy, equine placenta $50 $75
Gross necropsy, food animal adult $75 $112
Gross necropsy, food animal fetus/neonate $60 $90
Gross necropsy, small animal/exotic animal $100 $150
Biopsies, beyond two tissues, $20 for each additional $45 $67

A $10 accession fee is also required and not included in the fees listed.

A complete list of all UKVDL test and information is available at For questions about any test or fees, call the UKVDL at 859/257-8283.

Jenny Evans, MFA, is the interim executive director of the Gluck Equine Research Foundation and marketing and promotion specialist senior at the Gluck Equine Research Center.

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