Poll Recap: Summer Horse Plans

Of the 473 respondents, 201 (42%) said they are most excited about trail riding and/or camping this summer.

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Summer is right around the corner, and horse owners are gearing up for a busy season. Last week we asked our readers what horse-related plans they are most excited about for the summer. More than 450 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 473 respondents, 201 (42%) said they are most excited about trail riding and/or horse camping, while another 102 (22%) are most excited about showing and training for horse shows. Some 68 individuals (14%) are most excited about raising and training a foal or young horse, while another 35 (7%) indicated they are most looking forward to working on farm projects. Seventeen readers (4%) said they are most excited about attending clinics, and the remaining 43 respondents (9%) are most exited about their "other" horse-related plans for the summer.

Additionally, 78 people commented on their horse-related plans for the summer. 

Poll Results

Several people shared their plans for trail riding, camping, or endurance riding this summer: 

  • "(My plans involve) trail riding at home and farm projects. We're in central New York state."
  • "We horse camp regularly in the Shawnee National Forest, (where there's) water along most trails."
  • "I plan to do what I always do: trail ride and school my horse."
  • "I'm planning on going to endurance rides and camping with horses."
  • "Trail riding is my favorite, although I do have my naughty OTTB in dressage training."
  • "Trails, here we come!"           
  • "Hopefully it is not too hot and humid. We like to camp every two to three weeks for four to five days."
  • "I hope that I stay sound, as well as the horses, to get in more trail riding this year!"
  • "I'll be training my horses for trail riding!"
  • "I plan to enjoy my horses with trail riding."
  • "(I do) American Endurance Ride Conference endurance compitions."
  • "I plan on doing endurance rides and training for them."
  • "I look forward to trail riding, too. Just spending more time with my horses will be fantastic."

Others said they are excited about training or working with a young horse: 

  • "I just bought a yearling filly and I am excited about being a part of her development!"
  • "I'm just starting my 4-year-old Andalusian under saddle."
  • "My filly is almost 2 and we are starting to really work on her training, both driving and saddle."
  • "I will be raising a weanling Miniature filly in a few months."
  • "I just bought a 2-year-old Arabian mare that I am looking forward to training."

Many people said they are excited about training their horse this summer: 

  • "I'll be training for the fall/winter endurance season in Florida."           
  • "I'll be training my young horse, and going to trail rides and clinics."
  • "I'll be training and competing with my half-Arabian at the national level."
  • "I'll be training a 7-year-old and working my 18-year-old after a lay-off."
  • "I'm gearing up for some team sorting for one horse and getting my younger horse trained."
  • "I'm restarting a western pleasure horse after a very long lay-up."
  • "I hope to train my horse to become a trusty trail horse."
  • "I'll be training a newly acquired rescue horse."
  • "I'm taking two horses for training at Clinton Anderson's farm."

Some are excited to compete or show their horse this summer: 

  • "I like showing because I like competing my $500 horse I retrained against $11,000 horses and winning!"
  • "I'm happy to get back to competitions after a 10-year hiatus,"
  • "We have one more on-site schooling show left. July and August are almost unrideable due to heat."
  • "I'll be showing my older gelding and training a green mare!"
  • "We just do little schooling shows, but my horse and I have a great time!"
  • "I'm going to cutting horse shows."
  • "I'll do some rodeos with my older horse."

A few individuals indicated they would be traveling with their horses this summer:

  • "We're going to ride Dupont, the Biltmore Estate, and our new local favorite as often as we can."
  • "I'm going on a European riding vacation."
  • "I'm going tiding in Ireland this August!"
  • "My friends and I are going on a pack trip in a wilderness area in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California mid-summer!"

Others are excited about riding and spending time with their horses in general:

  • "I'll be working more with my 11-year-old mare and getting farm work done."
  • "I'll be just spending time with my girl."
  • "I'll be riding outside."
  • "I plan to ride all I can in good weather!"

A couple of readers indicated they'll be working on farm projects: 

  • "I'm not excited about fencing and barn lights, but they're very necessary to do before winter."
  • "I'm behind on a lot of projects that need to be done for the horses"

And several readers shared their "other" summer horse-related plans: 

  • "Jousting!"
  • "I'll just be keeping them cool and fit thru the heat"
  • "Polo!"
  • "I'll be relishing the shear enjoyment of being with my horse, grooming and trail riding with him."
  • "I'll be rescuing horses and giving them a chance at a decent life!"
  • "I volunteered to help with the California 4-H Horse Classic."
  • "I breed Thoroughbred horses. We raise the foals to yearlings and then they're off the sales ring."
  • "I love teaching riding. You meet the greatest people."
  • "Summer is my least favorite time to ride...it's too hot!"
  • "Racing!"
  • "Medieval arts like mounted combat and jousting!"
  • "It was hard which one to pick! I'll be doing clinics, camping, and trail riding, and I just got a new foal Monday!"
  • "I'm attending the World Equestrian Games!"
  • "4-H events"
  • "I'll be doing groundwork, playing, bonding, brief riding, and having fun!"
  • "Farm fundrasier."
  • "I just got a new horse...the first one in 25 years that isn't a Draft. It's going to be fun!"
  • "July and August are just too hot to ride in centrai Arizona. We're all on summer break at that time!"
  • "I'll be doing shows, trail rides, and projects around the farm."
  • "I work with my horses year round, so it's business as usual for me."
  • "Everything!!"
  • "I'll be helping my trainer with Pony Club, Pony Club camp, and the trainer's clinics"

You can find additional information about caring for horses during the summer by visiting our summer care topic page or searching for "summer horse care" on TheHorse.com. 

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