Queens, N.Y., Stables Shuttered

The City of New York, N.Y., Departments of Parks and Recreation has temporarily closed a stable in Queens after several horses died there in recent months.

Departments of Parks and Recreation spokesman Philip Abramson said that since 1998, the Federation of Black Cowboys has operated the Cedar Lane Stables in the Tudor Park in Queens. The stables were operated as a concession under a license agreement with a so-called “rough board” arrangement, which left oversight of and responsibility for each horse to the animal’s owner, not the Parks Department or the Federation, Abramson said. On March 20, the Department announced that it was closing the stables after six horses died in the over a six month period in the second half of 2012, Abramson said.

“Unfortunately, there have been an alarming number of horse fatalities and health issues at this site, as well as problems with the physical condition of the facilities, making it clear that a ‘rough board’ arrangement can no longer work, Abramson said. “While the Parks Department supports the educational mission of the Federation of Black Cowboys, for the safety and wellbeing of the horses who reside there the Parks Department has suspended operations under the license agreement.”

No one from the Federation of Black Cowboys was available for comment.

Abramson said that Federation can resume operations of the stable within six months if the organization assumes responsibility for the horses’ welfare and brings the facility in compliance with all regulations that apply to “full board” stable operation arrangements.

Meanwhile the Parks Department is working with the Federation to temporarily relocate the horses boarded there by individual owners.

“Lists were provided of other stables in the nearby region, as well as rescue and adoption organizations who can take in any horses that may be abandoned,” Abramson said.

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