Pony and Miniature Horses Reported Stolen

Miniature Horses in California and Alabama, and a pony in New York, have been reported stolen, said an alert from Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka NetPosse.com.

In Mendocino County, Calif., two Miniature Horses, a black stallion known as Legs and a black and white pinto mare called Crystal, were allegedly stolen the morning of Sept. 11, around 3:00 a.m. A neighbor later recalled seeing a truck and trailer parked on the side of the road around 9:30 p.m. the previous evening.

When law enforcement officers arrived and did a preliminary check of the property, it was determined that this was a theft and not an escape. It was apparent that the stallion had been led from his pasture past the rest of the broodmare herd, from which Crystal was taken, as the mares’ pasture gate was left open.

The owners believe the miniature horses were stolen by someone who knew their value and was either familiar with the property or had perhaps had time to survey the layout prior to the theft. There is a suspect in the case, but no possibilities are being ruled out.

Both of these Miniature Horses were less than 30 inches high and weighed approximately 150 pounds each. While these horses were possibly transported in the horse trailer seen by the witness, they are small enough to haul in a truck bed or even a van.

The owner is offering an undisclosed reward for the safe recovery of either or both of her Miniature Horses.

On the opposite coast, on Sept. 15, a black Welsh Cob pony called Katie Rue vanished from her pasture in Onondaga County, N.Y. Like the California minis, this aged pony was in secure fencing with numerous other horses with no evidence of escape. Her owners have searched the area extensively.

NetPosse was also awaiting a report on another stolen Miniature Horse and Jack Russell terrier from a home in Crenshaw County, Ala. The grey (appears white) mini stud, known as Taz, was reported missing Saturday, Sept. 19. The theft has been reported to the Luverne Police Department, and NetPosse will post the information on its site as soon as possible.

NetPosse volunteers are asking for the public’s help in bringing these ponies and Miniature Horses home. Visit netposse.com and review these cases, print out the flyers, and send out the information to all of your contacts.

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