Olympic Medication Update: 'B' Samples Positive, U.S. Rider also Involved

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) has received confirmation that the four 'B' samples in the cases involving the presence of the banned substance capsaicin have all yielded positive test results. This confirms the initial positive findings from the 'A' samples.

This involves:

  • Bernardo Alves of Brazil, riding Chupa Chup
  • Christian Ahlmann of Germany, riding Cöster
  • Denis Lynch of Ireland, riding Latinus
  • Tony Andre Hansen of Norway, riding Camiro.

Additional case

The FEI has also released the information that U.S. rider Courtney King's mount, Mythilus, tested positive for the banned substance Felbinac (also known as biphenylacetic acid). This is considered a "medication class A" prohibited substance. Felbinac is applied topically for the relief of local pain and inflammation. It is considered a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

The Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Laboratory

The Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Laboratory, is one of only four FEI reference laboratories in the world.

King, who placed 13th individually in the dressage competition, was officially notified of the positive test result on the morning of Aug. 22. The decision for provisional suspension was upheld that evening at a preliminary hearing before a member of the FEI Tribunal.

Given that the Dressage events of the 2008 Olympic Games ended Aug. 19, it was decided to wait until the confirmatory B analysis prior to any public announcement of the findings. The FEI has now received confirmation of the initial finding from the analysis of the B sample.

Next steps

Now that the B samples have confirmed all the initial findings, the process will follow the accelerated medication control procedure. This is part of the FEI regulations for equestrian events at the 2008 Olympic Games (Annex G), available for viewing on FEI Olympic Web site.

Evidence and written submissions have been requested from each rider, and a three-member panel of the FEI Tribunal has been appointed. Hearings will be held Sept. 5-7 in Lausanne.

It is up to the person responsible whether or not they wish to exercise or waive their right to be heard. The panel will then, in light of all the evidence received, take a decision as to the applicable sanction if any.

An update will be provided by the FEI following the hearings (Sept. 8), and final decisions will be announced prior to the end of the first week in October, provided the hearings can be held as scheduled. However, these deadlines are indicative timelines, and might be affected by specific circumstances as with any legal proceeding.

The competition results will be amended as indicated in the Tribunal's final decision.

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