ELCR Launches New Website

The Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR), the organization that works to keep land open for horses by providing the tools, information, resources, and technical assistance to individuals and organizations acting locally to maintain horse lands, recently launched a new website.

Resources available through ELCR focus around the following six core issue areas related to land loss:

  • Planning for horses in your community;
  • Conservation tools for horse lands;
  • Equine access to public lands;
  • Equine access to private lands;
  • Balancing ecology and the bottom line; and
  • Equine economic impact.

“In addition to launching a new website, I am pleased to announce that we have also refreshed the subject matter related to the six core issue areas,” says Anna Gibson, ELCR CEO. “The new website was built with the knowledge that the resources ELCR offers will continue to expand and evolve with the issues that threaten our horse lands.”

Visitors to the new site will find information related to the six conservation core issue areas, in an accessible user friendly format. All of ELCR’s online information, tools, templates, and resources are now available for public access at www.elcr.org.

“We are excited about the enhancement of our web based resource library and user friendly format as well as the ability to now offer these unique and relevant materials free of charge to the general public,” says Denise O’Meara, ELCR director of education. “These materials are part of the ELCR educational curriculum that includes regional forums, webinars and teleconference calls on various equine land loss issues.”

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