Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation


IVERCARE--Because You Care Award Finalists Announced

June 17, 2003

Public to Decide the Winners

Nearly 31,000 online votes were received from the public in the semifinals of the IVERCARE--Because You Care award program sponsored by Farnam Horse Products. Earlier this year, more than 100... Read More


Ivercare Because You Care Award Finalists Announced

June 13, 2003

Nearly 31,000 online votes were received from the public in the semifinals of the Ivercare--Because You Care award program sponsored by Farnam Horse Products. Earlier this year, more than 100 organizations and individuals were nominated for the... Read More


Reward offered in California Abandoned Horse Incident

May 15, 2003

There are still no clues as to the identity of the person or persons who left a badly malnourished and injured horse in a riverbed west of the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway last month, according to the Whittier Daily News. However, a... Read More


Equine Rescue Operation Barn Burns in Colorado

May 15, 2003

A fire destroyed a barn used by an equine rescue operation on May 5 near Colorado Springs, Colo. No people or animals were hurt in the late evening blaze at Hunting Crest Farms Horse Rescue, said El Paso County Fire Marshal Arnie Lavelett in a... Read More


Authorities Probe Horse Deaths in Pennsylvania

April 21, 2003

At least 20 thoroughbred horses on two farms in Pennsylvania have died in the past month and the remaining group of about 30 horses has been impounded, according to animal control officials quoted in an Associated Press story on... Read More


North Carolina Horse Rescue Groups Deal With Drought Aftermath

April 16, 2003

Last year’s drought continues to affect horse owners in Franklin, North Carolina, according to WRAL.com, the web site of News Channel 5 in Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, NC. Many of the horses have ended up on horse rescue farms like The North... Read More


Saving Survivors

April 01, 2003

Amber is a 30-year-old Arabian mare which was slowly starving to death because her owners had run out of money to care for her. Because of her age and lack of potential and worth, Amber's owners allowed her to be pushed out of food and veterinar... Read More


Gambling On Health Care

March 01, 2003

While only a small percentage of you are involved in the industries that have legalized gambling, many of you live in states with legalized racing, and all of you benefit from those industries. A tremendous number of the research projects from... Read More


Morris Animal Foundation Funds Eight New Studies for Equine Health in 2003

November 13, 2002

Morris Animal Foundation has announced eight new studies for 2003, aimed at advancing equine veterinary medicine. The new studies examine issues including laminitis, endotoxemia, colic, genetics, immunology, and foal diseases. Nine continuing... Read More


Fairplex to Rescue for Equine Fire Evacuees

September 26, 2002

As wildfires raged in nearby canyons, Fairplex Park in Pomona, Calif., became an emergency evacuation center for 90 horses forced from their homes.

At the request of the Los Angeles Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Fairplex... Read More


Salvation from Slaughter

September 01, 2002

There are numerous horse auctions in the United States. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) has commissioned a private study of some auction houses to learn: Where are these horses coming from? How many are there? What is their... Read More


Mare Rescued from Creek

August 19, 2002

A 26-year-old mare named Josie survived a harrowing creek rescue in Pennsylvania on Aug. 2 with the help of area residents, horse owners, fire department personnel, and a veterinarian, according to an article in the Tribune Review.... Read More


Results of Four Months of "Matchmaking"

June 19, 2002

Each week, for the past four months, TheHorse.com has featured a different horse in the Matchmaking: Adoptable Horse section of The Horse Health E-newsletter (sign up at http://www.TheHorse.com). This sectio... Read More


Rescued Alumnus Drives For A Cause

November 02, 2001

Six years ago, a starved Morgan colt was rescued from the brink of death by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He was taken to Nevins Farm and Equine Centre, where he underwent a year of rehabilitation. After... Read More


Relief Comes to Abandoned Horses in Pakistan

November 01, 2001

The first wave of outside assistance has reached the Karachi Race Course in Pakistan. On July 1, the Associated Press reported that 250 abandoned horses were at the racetrack and had not been moved... Read More


Heads Up!

October 02, 2001

Don’t know about you, but I am asked to work with a number of worthwhile causes each year—human and horse. I’ve gotten better over the years at saying no, just because if you get involved in... Read More


Moroccan Animal Hospital Recipient of Equine Ambulance Program

June 29, 2001

The Equine Centre at the MSPCA Nevins Farm, a pioneer in equine rescue and ambulance services, is expanding the reach of its services internationally. Recently, the Equine Centre, one of the nation’s only open-door shelters for horses and farm... Read More


Rio Vista To Give Award To Outstanding Animal Rescue

June 22, 2001

Rescue agencies or individuals active in rehabilitating or saving mistreated horses and dogs are being encouraged to contact Rio Vista Products for details on nominating candidates for their annual Hank Award program. Deadline for entries is... Read More


Slings for Horses--Getting A Lift

June 01, 2001

Rescuers can employ equine-specific manufactured slings, or fabricate a temporary sling from rope or a fire hose. A sling gives rescuers mechanical advantage--it can help them move a horse up an inclined plane (dragging up a ramp) or get a horse out ... Read More


June Declared Disaster Preparedness Month

May 01, 2001

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has declared June National Disaster Preparedness Month for Animals. HSUS is launching programs to educate America on the need and the details for disaster preparedness for horses. These developments... Read More


MSPCA Launches Search For Loving Homes

April 20, 2001

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) Nevins Farm has launched a search for permanent homes for Clydesdales Surprise, Joe and Prince; Tulip the Pygmy Goat; and a host of brown Swiss Cows. The... Read More


Ryerss Farm For Aged Equines Debuts New Web Site

February 09, 2001

Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines is proud to announce the debut of their new web site at www.ryerss.com. The site features information on the farm's history, its current equine residents, how to volunteer and how to donate to the farm's mission.... Read More


Rescuers Honored

September 01, 2000

Winners have been announced in the first annual Rio Vista Fund contest to recognize outstanding equine and canine rescue agencies.

Victoria Goss and Last Chance Corral of Athens, Ohio, won the Agency award for their work saving 200... Read More


Priming for Trailer Emergencies

August 01, 2000

Emergency preparedness is becoming a top priority in the agenda of many horse owners. Rescue and emergency response organizations are responding to the need of educating those working with horses so that individuals will be ready to deal with th... Read More


MSPCA Prevention, And More

August 01, 2000

One goal of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for all animals in need. The group also is in the business of educating owners, and they specifically are working t... Read More