Poll Recap: Horses Injured by Dogs

Poll Recap: Horses Injured by Dogs

Of the 989 respondents, 731 (74%) responded said they have not had a horse injured by a dog.

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Dogs might be a mainstay at some barns and stables, however “man’s best friend” isn’t always friendly with horses. In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers if they've ever had a horse injured by a dog. More than 950 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 989 total respondents, nearly three-quarters of respondents (731) said they have not had a horse injured by a dog, while the remaining 258 respondents (26%) said they have had a horse get injured by a dog. 

Poll Results

Additionally, more than 80 people left comments about their experiences with horses and dogs.

Many people commented on negative encounters between dogs and horses they've experienced:

  • “I had a horse badly bitten on the pastern by a herding dog. Bad dog!”
  • “A dog bit my horse on the muzzle.”
  • “A yearling filly had her nose torn half off by a stray dog.”
  • “Our neighbors' cattle dog chased our horse. The horse kicked out, got caught in fence, and died of his injuries.”
  • “An Aussie cattle dog nipped (my horse's) heel. It was a minor cut that healed quickly, but he now chases dogs!”
  • “My horse has had many injuries from my dog.”
  • “A pregnant dog bit my horse on the muzzle.”
  • “Dogs have killed and maimed my miniature horses.”
  • “We were attacked by two pitbulls while riding. I went to the hospital, and my horse say the vet. Awful.”
  • “People let their dogs out at night, (and the dogs) packed up and killed my foal.”
  • “My horse got a bite on the nose that caused several puncture wounds.”
  • “We've been threatened out on the trail, but the dogs always back down.”
  • “A dog chased the horse in a turnout and bit her on the leg.”
  • “Not my dog, but another punctured my horse's hind leg tendon.”
  • “My horse had deep incisions on the muzzle from a dog bite.”
  • “Coon dogs run through our pasture and run our horses. One (horse) ran blind and crashed into the shed.”
  • “Two horses of mine were attacked ages ago by a dog, who was taken to the pound.”
  • “I have had horses and clients have accidents (due to) dogs chasing horses.”
  • “My horse had minor tooth scrapes to a hind leg.”
  • “Not majorly, but I had a Blue Heeler jump up and bite my horse on the nose.”
  • “A Queensland Blue Heeler (bit) at the bulbs of my Appaloosa halter horse right before a show.”
  • “Two loose German Shepherds attacked my Arab on trail. They chewed up his back legs, (but the dogs') owner paid for damage.”
  • “My mare broke her rear leg kicking at the barn dog where I board.”

Several people said they've had the opposite problem and shared their experiences of dogs getting injured by horses:

  • “The other way around, yes. The dog did not learn her lesson and went right back to chasing the horses.”
  • “My dog was kicked in face, but survived and recovered.”
  • “My dog has been bitten by the horse!”
  • “No, but I did have a dog injured by a horse. He tried to say hello to her foal.”           
  • “No but my horse has injured a few (dogs).”
  • “On the contrary. One of my horses killed one of my dogs, a Pointer puppy.”
  • “I've had a dog seriously injured by a horse!”
  • “My horse bit my dog.”
  • “My tough dog has been kicked and stomped when he joined in horseplay, but he is okay.”
  • “I've had horses injure dogs more than once.”
  • “I have had a dog get injured by a horse.”
  • “My horse accidentally stood on the dog's foot and the dog bit the horse's leg.”

Others commented about keeping dogs away from their horses:

  • “I keep dogs out of my pasture area!”
  • “I discourage uninvited dogs from my property.”
  • “I keep dogs away from my horse by any means.”
  • “No, because I never allow the equids and dog in the same space.”
  • “My place is fenced so dogs can't get in and I don't allow friend's dogs to play with (my horses).”
  • “I do not mix my dogs and horses. They're separated by non-climb fencing.”

And a few people said that their horses get along with dogs:

  • “My dogs are good with horses. Other dogs must be on a leash.”
  • “All of my dogs are around horses a lot.”
  • “My Labrador Retriever was as horse crazy as I am. He loved horses, and they loved him.”
  • “Labs love everyone and everything.”

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