Caterpillars and Creepy Crawlies: Readers Respond

Nearly 450 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Do you do anything to keep pregnant mares away from caterpillars on your farm?"


results of poll on ticks

Results were as follows: 

  • No: 65.77%  (294)
  • Yes: 23.49%  (105)
  • Why should I care?: 10.74%  (48)

Readers shared what they do to protect their mares in the comments below.

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  • No mares here!
  • all the caterpillars they want
  • I do not have trees with caterpillars anywhere that my horses can get to in the pasture fields.
  • Don't have caterpillars to keep her away from in the first place.
  • I dont mind I never knew that it was important to notice!
  • And you'd better not take any chances!
  • the place i board/work is not a breeding facility
  • When my mare was in foal, we removed trees the caterpillar nests were attracted to.
  • live in SE B.C. and don't seem to have a problem with them
  • I live in the desert.
  • I'm not having any new foals with the market and prices of fuel, feed, etc.
  • We don't have caterpillars here in our part of AZ
  • I don't breed my mares!!
  • My pregnant mares graze in a field with no trees.
  • We dont have many trees
  • we don't have any
  • don't have mares
  • It's just not a problem here, but if it were I would take action.
  • eliminate cherry trees and remove nests
  • We do not have many trees on our farm, none by pastures
  • i burn any and all caterpillar tents and destroy all of the ones we find on trees and ground
  • maintain a dry lot, muzzle if in pasture to prevent grazing, feed hay from reputable dealers
  • i'm not a breeder and have no mares
  • Don't have them here
  • We don't have caterpillars in Southern California
  • I d/n breed.
  • No caterpillars in our area (desert)
  • tent catapillers not in CA
  • cut any cherry trees down around pastures
  • Never heard of them, I don't breed my mares. It's my part in the prevention of unwanted horses
  • Everyone on the farm is charged with finding tent caterpillars early. When found, we deal with them.
  • These don't reside in Alaska
  • we don't have caterpillars in their pastures
  • I don't have problems with caterpillars.
  • I don't breed my mare
  • No mares on our property
  • dont have mares. never will
  • no bred mares
  • don't have any pregnant mares
  • my chickens won't even eat them. they don't even try to peck at them
  • no caterpillars in this drought stricken west
  • We do not breed -- there are enough horses already.
  • I understand they are problematic but not frequently seen in my area.
  • do not have pregnant mares
  • We have no caterpillar problems where I live in CA.
  • No pregnant mares on my farm!
  • No pregnant mares and live on West Coast
  • although I don't have any mares on my property I do have these pests removed
  • Have no problems with caterpillars
  • We have removed all cherry trees from access.
  • no mares in foal
  • I do thinks to keep the caterpillars from the mares
  • I will not breed any horses
  • Not a breeding facility, no preganant mares on farm
  • Don't have any pregnant mares.
  • We don't have a caterpillar problem at my farm.
  • Don't have breeding mares.
  • i have never had a pregnant mare
  • we dont have caterpillars here thank goodness
  • Never had problems with caterpillars and mares before and have raised foals for 27 years
  • I've removed trees from my pastures that attract them and cut out the tents at first notice.
  • 2006 lost a foal due to MRLS in Virginia. Didn't think it could happen to me since I knew about this
  • I spray with a bacteria that consumes the catepillars but is harmless to animals and birds.
  • None in our area. Have never seen them
  • i like horses
  • I haven't seen a caterpillar since we moved to the desert outside Phoenix, AZ!
  • burn the nests cut down cherry trees
  • Dont have any mares on farm but do have caterpillers so we spray with herbal insect killer
  • caterpillars aren't a problem in my area
  • I've never heard of this condition until now, will look into it as I would like to breed my pony.
  • don't have pregnant mares
  • Never knew there was a problem!!
  • We don't have either...caterpillars or pregnant mares
  • I just found some today in an apple tree. I manually pull them off and put them in soapy water.
  • We do not have any mares on our farm
  • Dont have any pregnant mares on the farm
  • Don't have any pregnant ones, but when I did have one, no I didn't
  • Carefully burning the nests helps to cut down on numbers
  • squish the catapillers
  • not to do so is utter foolishness!
  • This wasn't known when I had pregnant mares, but I would take steps now.
  • remove host trees from within 50 feet of fences
  • I have bred some very rare foals and I need to keep my mares and other stock safe from vermin.
  • No pregnant mares
  • I don't breed horse- please ADOPT
  • We do not have thowe kind of caterpillars in our area
  • don't have pregnant mares...or caterpillars
  • we don't breed
  • I am in the pacific northwest, do we have them here?
  • We do not have a catapillar problem
  • I burn every nest I find, Always have.
  • Live in Southern CA. Don't have them
  • No caterpillars on my property.
  • "No breeding" where i keep my mare but, i would quickly remove her from the danger, burn the nests!
  • Thanks for alerting northern Vermont
  • no pregnant mares in herd
  • caterpillars - give me a break - do we look stupid - it's a coverup by the mfg. of west nile vaccine
  • Not a ptoblem in our region
  • Don't have mares, don't have caterpillars (desert).
  • we don't have that big a problem with them
  • kill ALL catepillars!
  • no tent caterpillars in Utah
  • We live in Az. and don't have many caterpillars.
  • Not a problem in northern Canada
  • I don't breed my horses.
  • We don't have them in our area
  • I don't breed or have caterpillars so the topic is moot regarding such.
  • don't have any mares
  • cut the nests out and burn them.
  • Have a gelding and AZ does not have that many caterpillars, or lat least where I board
  • I inspect all trees and bushes on my place and destroy the caterpillars.
  • I have no preganant mares
  • no pregnant mares
  • Only have geldings
  • Destroy any web nests seen usually on tree branches
  • i fed fastrack to all of my horses during the mrls outbreaks and suffered one early fetal loss.
  • I removed/relocated all cherry trees; I prune overhanging limbs regularly & remove caterpillar nests
  • I don't breed my horse

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