Rutgers Yearling Auction To Benefit Research, Teaching

Here is your chance to own a well-trained yearling cross-bred filly (see list below). The fifth annual North American Equine Ranching Information Council (NAERIC) yearling horse auction will take place this Sunday, April 25, at 1 p.m. at Cook College (a part of Rutger's University) in New Brunswick, N.J.

Click here to see images of the yearlings in North Dakota, and here to see more recent images of the horses with the students

Each August, a group of Cook College students and their professor travel to North Dakota to select and begin gentling a dozen draft cross fillies to be transported to New Jersey in September. The trek is the beginning of an annual project that culminates in April, when the yearlings are sold at public auction. The proceeds help support equine research and teaching at Cook College's Equine Science Center (ESC).

This year's auction will take place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April 25, at the Round House on College Farm Road off U.S. Rte 1 in New Brunswick. The horses to be sold can be previewed during the college's annual Ag Field Day on Saturday, April 24, after 11 a.m. on the day of the auction, or by appointment.

The yearlings are sired by Quarter Horse or Paint stallions and are out of draft or draft-cross mares. The fillies have tremendous potential for a wide variety of disciplines, including driving, jumping, dressage, hunter hack, Western pleasure, and trail riding. All are registered in the NAERIC Incentive Program, which means that any cash prizes they win at NAERIC-approved competitions will be doubled. They will be shown in hand at a horse show demonstration during Ag Field Day at 10 a.m.

Sarah Ralston, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVN, Associate Professor at Rutgers, purchased and transported the weanlings with proceeds from previous auctions plus the additional help of funds donated by NAERIC, Wyeth pharmaceutical company, and the McCrane Foundation.

In a new incentive program, anyone donating more than $1,000 as cash, goods, and/or services to the ESC is given the opportunity to "sponsor" a filly of their choice, "dressing" her for the auction with a new halter, lead rope, and sheet or blanket with the filly's and her sponsor's names on it. Sponsors will be named in the sales list and auction program and will be identified at auction as benefactors. Everyone who has seen the fillies agrees with Ralston's assertion that "this is the best group, with respect to both looks and disposition, that we have ever had."

Individuals interested in seeing the horses should contact Ralston at 732/932-9404, or e-mail Although the auction is open to the public, bidder pre-registration ($10) is strongly recommended. Credit cards cannot be accepted, but credit card checks can be used. For additional information, visit and click on the auction information at the top of the page. For information on NAERIC visit

The yearlings are out of Belgian mares except as noted otherwise. All fillies have been handled daily and have good basic ground manners (lead at walk, trot, stand, back, regular grooming, hoof and veterinary care, used to clippers, stand tied, etc). Unsponsored, solid coat color fillies will start at $500, all others start at $750. The purchase price minus the starting bid is tax deductible!

Each filly has additional information on the web site.

RU Rick's New Edition (no photo)--Chestnut/sorrel with a small star and snip by racing bred QH Cadillac Coyjack (AKA: Bobby). Refined, with superb conformation, she might mature at about 16 hands. Very intelligent and responsive. Great dressage/hunter/jumper prospect. Sponsored by Rick's Saddle Shop.  
RU Ayeesha--Charcoal/blue roan tovero by Bobby out of a Percheron cross pinto mare. Striking markings, extremely athletic, fairly refined, she should mature at 16-plus hands. A real show stopper with a great disposition! Sponsored by the McCrane Foundation.
RU Mikaela--Chestnut tovero by registered overo Paint stallion Prodigal Snifty Hank (AKA: Hank). She has the prized medicine hat/shield markings. She has excellent conformation with a pretty head and neck and tremendous presence. She is going to be fairly refined and tall (should mature over 17 hands). Very alert, friendly, and easy to handle. Will be a stunning show horse in any discipline! Sponsored by Conselina Hay and Supply/Ginolfi family.
RU Creamsicle--Chestnut tovero by unregistered overo stallion Gumbo. She also has the medicine hat and shield markings and a half blue eye. Very athletic with beautiful action and fairly refined. She will be fairly tall (16-17 hands). Sweet disposition, easily handled by novices. Sponsored by Wendy Neininger.
RU Cinnabon--Red roan sabino overo by Gumbo. She will be stout and very tall (17-plus hands). Can be pushy, but very easy to handle and well trained by her student. Great driving/trail/hunter pace/fox hunter prospect for a large person! Sponsored by Scarecrow Desktop Publishing/Joseph Pastva.
RU Rolex--Almost solid sorrel overo with a wide blaze and one hind sock by Hank. Fairly stout, she is probably not going to be very tall (15-plus hands). She loves attention and is easy to handle, prefers to be outside! Good Western/trail/gaming prospect. Sponsored by Cargill Nutrena, Inc.
RU Kahlua (no photo)--Bright red chestnut with star and stripe by Hank. Well proportioned and strong, she is going to be large (16-plus hands) and very pretty. Affectionate, easy to handle, and stoic, she is a great driving/trail/hunter pace/fox hunter prospect. Sponsored by Wyeth.  
RU Liberty--Red dun with a small star and white hind sock by Bobby out of a Percheron/Quarter  Horse cross mare. Very refined, good conformation, easily handled, she will mature at over 17 hands. Will be a stunning show horse in any discipline! Sponsored by Hillbilly Haven Feeds and Supplies, LLC.
RU Amaretto--Dark roan/chestnut overo with a wide blaze and unique markings by Hank. Will be quite stout, not very tall (15-plus hands). Easy to work with and affectionate. Good driving/Western/trail prospect. She is out of Bessie, listed below. Sponsored by Conselina Hay and Supply/Ginolfi family.
RU Hip Hip Hooray--Chestnut with a star and stripe by chestnut racing bred QH Moon Hippie. Very refined and Thoroughbred in appearance, she will be fairly tall (16-plus hands) with a good, but sensitive disposition. Good hunter/jumper/dressage prospect. Sponsored by Durkin and Durkin.
RU Tootsie Pop (no photo)--Dark sorrel with a small star and stripe by Gumbo. She will be stout and fairly tall (16-plus hands). Friendly and stoic, she is a good driving/trail/hunter pace/fox hunter prospect.  
RU Amore--Dusty red dun with a wide star and stripe and white hind socks by Hank. Fairly refined, very smart and athletic, she probably will mature at 16  hands. She is a good Western/hunter/driving/trail type horse. Very affectionate.
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