Summer Horse Plans

Summer is right around the corner! What horse-related plans are you most excited about for Summer 2014? Please tell us about your plans in the comment section.

Showing/training for shows
Attending clinics
Trail riding and/or horse camping
Farm projects
Vacation travel other than camping that involves horses
Raising/training a foal or young horse

Total votes cast: 473

Comments & Write-in Answers

I just bought a yearling filly and I am excited about being a part of her development!

6/2/2014 9:42:19 PM

keeping then cool and fit thru the heat

6/2/2014 4:24:58 PM

Showing my older gelding and training a green mare!

6/2/2014 11:51:33 AM


6/1/2014 8:43:32 PM

The shear enjoyment of being with my horse grooming and trail riding with him

6/1/2014 8:05:51 PM

Training my horses for trail riding!

6/1/2014 3:26:43 PM

Just spending time with my girl....

6/1/2014 3:12:02 PM

keeping them fed. both money and products *hay, grain)

5/31/2014 7:40:58 PM

rescuing horses and giving them a chance at a decent life!

5/31/2014 12:09:52 PM

Fight horse slaughter and protect the Mustangs!

5/31/2014 7:20:54 AM

Winter is coming soon for us in Aus

5/31/2014 3:51:34 AM

We just do little schooling shows, but my horse and I have a great time!

5/31/2014 12:55:30 AM

Gearing up team sorting for one horse and getting my younger horse trained.

5/30/2014 5:00:43 PM

volunteered to help with the CA 4h horse classic

5/30/2014 1:11:05 PM

I plan to enjoy my horses with trail riding

5/30/2014 11:03:14 AM

cutting horse shows

5/30/2014 10:11:37 AM

I just bought a 2 year old Arab mare that I am looking forward to training

5/30/2014 12:00:43 AM

I breed TB horses. Raise the foal to yearlings and then off the sales ring.

5/29/2014 11:52:19 PM

riding outside

5/29/2014 11:47:19 PM

endurance compitions-AERC

5/29/2014 11:09:45 PM

Endurance rides/ training for them

5/29/2014 10:48:17 PM

I look forward to trail riding too. Just spending more time with my horses will be fantastic.

5/29/2014 9:32:54 PM

I love teaching riding. You meet the greatest people.

5/29/2014 6:12:50 PM

Summer is my least favorite time to ride - too hot!

5/29/2014 5:43:24 PM

European riding vacation

5/29/2014 4:45:47 PM

Restarting a WP horse after a very long lay up..

5/29/2014 2:09:09 PM

and how to make sure a horse is "ready" for the gaming show ring?? and for trail rides during summer

5/29/2014 12:16:41 PM


5/29/2014 10:40:20 AM

Hop that I stay sound as well as horses to get in more trail riding this year!

5/29/2014 9:37:35 AM

One more on-site schooling show left. July and August are almost unrideable due to heat.

5/29/2014 8:31:43 AM

Hopefully it is not too hot and humid - we like to camp every 2-3 weeks for 4-5 days.

5/29/2014 7:53:02 AM

Happy to get back to competition after 10 year hiatus

5/29/2014 7:11:12 AM

Trails here we come!

5/29/2014 1:28:59 AM

I like showing because I like competing my $500 horse I retrained against $11000 horses and winning!

5/28/2014 11:38:01 PM

medieval arts like mounted combat and jousting!

5/28/2014 11:15:57 PM

It was hard which one to pick! Clinic, camping/trail riding, and just got a new foal Monday!

5/28/2014 10:54:46 PM

Attending WEG!

5/28/2014 10:40:00 PM

going barefoot

5/28/2014 10:02:25 PM

ride all i can in good weather !

5/28/2014 9:54:51 PM

Training a 7 yo, and working my 18 yo after a layoff

5/28/2014 7:47:42 PM

4-H Events

5/28/2014 6:59:15 PM

hunter paces!

5/28/2014 6:28:59 PM

as well as rodeo with my older horse

5/28/2014 5:36:47 PM

and trail riding : )

5/28/2014 5:16:37 PM

Groundwork, play, bonding, brief riding, fun!

5/28/2014 5:15:34 PM

Doing grnd.work with 3yr.old. Gdaughter doing dressage on her. 3 of us having a ball.

5/28/2014 4:37:06 PM

Endurance rides

5/28/2014 2:02:25 PM

Riding in Ireland this August!

5/28/2014 11:57:59 AM

Trail riding is my favorite, although I do have my naughty OTTB in dressage training...

5/28/2014 11:49:41 AM

My filly is almost two and we are starting to really work on her training, both driving and saddle.

5/28/2014 10:23:56 AM

behind on a lot of projects that need to be done for the horses

5/28/2014 9:47:11 AM

Will be raising a weanling miniature filly in a few months requiring a project for stalling her

5/28/2014 7:26:56 AM

Friends & I are going on a pack trip in a Wilderness Area in the Sierra Nevada Mtns in CA midsummer!

5/28/2014 3:38:24 AM

Helping trainer with pony club, pc camp and trainer's clinics

5/28/2014 1:02:28 AM

1st riding holiday at ranch,

5/28/2014 12:43:05 AM

Shows, Trail Rides and Projects around the farm

5/28/2014 12:26:20 AM

I work with my horses year round, so it's business as usual for me.

5/27/2014 10:56:17 PM

July/August are just too hot to ride in centrai AZ-we're all on summer break at that time

5/27/2014 10:55:05 PM

taking 2 horses for training @ Clinton Andersons

5/27/2014 10:49:57 PM

Just starting my 4-year-old Andalusian under saddle.

5/27/2014 10:26:22 PM


5/27/2014 10:06:10 PM

New horse! First one in 25 years that isn't a draft- Going to be fun!!!

5/27/2014 9:40:58 PM

enjoying my horse while be with him on vacation

5/27/2014 9:22:53 PM

Not excited about fencing and barn lights, but very necessary to be done before winter.

5/27/2014 9:04:28 PM


5/27/2014 8:21:50 PM

training a newly acquired rescue horse

5/27/2014 7:53:56 PM

I plan to do what I always do: trail ride and school my horse.

5/27/2014 7:26:09 PM

Driving cartridge

5/27/2014 7:01:49 PM

Training my young horse, trail rides, and clinics.

5/27/2014 6:09:04 PM

planning on going to endurance rides and camping with horses

5/27/2014 5:52:41 PM

We horse camp regularly in the Shawnee Natl Forest. Water along most trails.

5/27/2014 5:49:29 PM

Training and competing with my half arabian to national level

5/27/2014 5:00:55 PM

farm fundrasier

5/27/2014 4:18:23 PM

Going to ride Dupont, the Biltmore Estate, and our new local favorite as often as we can.

5/27/2014 4:00:22 PM

Training for the fall/winter endurance season in FL

5/27/2014 2:51:00 PM

Working more with my 11-year old mare and getting farm work done

5/27/2014 1:50:31 PM

Trail riding at home and farm projects. We're in central NY State.

5/27/2014 1:43:19 PM

Hope to train my horse to become a trusty trail horse

5/27/2014 1:38:43 PM