Equine Guelph

Equine Guelph is the horse owners' and caretakers' center at the University of Guelph, supported and overseen by equine industry groups, and dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses.

Articles by Equine Guelph

Cameron Lago Wins Roger L'Heureux Memorial Award Winner

Lago, a Standardbred groom in Canada, will receive full tuition for two online courses through Equine Guelph. Read More

Clean Up Combustibles in Horse Barns Before Winter

Combustibles are unavoidable on a horse farm, but how you manage them can considerably reduce the risk of a barn fire. Read More

Fall is Ideal Time for Senior Horse Dental Checks

With winter approaching, schedule a dental check-up and nutritional status assessment, especially for older horses. Read More

Winter Management for the Outdoor Horse

Many horses are well-equipped to live outdoors and thrive, provided certain provisions are met. Here's what to remember. Read More

Equine Guelph Conducting Ontario Racing Industry Survey

The survey is focused on racehorse health and well-being to direct future research and programs for the industry. Read More

Equine Guelph Introduces Barn Fire Prevention Tool

Users receive a personalized list of recommended improvements to help prevent barn fires at their facilities. Read More

Study: Gut Microflora Changes Could Point to EMS

Researchers observed a decrease in the fecal microbial diversity in EMS horses compared to metabolically normal horses. Read More

Ontario Large Animal Rescue Training Provides Hands-On Tips

The course focused on the safe transfer and handling of horses and other large animals in emergency situations. Read More

Equine Guelph Introduces Fire Prevention Outreach Program

Equine Guelph will hold outreach events this summer to educate Ontario's racing community about barn fire prevention. Read More

Getting Back to Work This Spring? Keep Your Horse Sound!

Take precautions to reduce your horse's risk of getting hurt while returning to work. Read More

Get Foal Nutrition Right From the Start

Your foal needs proper nutrition to get a jump on a healthy life. Here are some tips on how to ensure he receives it. Read More

Rider Safety: Always in Fashion

Whether you're hitting the trail or riding in the ring, outfit yourself head to toe in smart and safe riding gear. Read More

Responsible, Purposeful Horse Breeding

Are you considering breeding your mare? Do your homework ahead of time to ensure it's the right choice for you. Read More

Know Your Horse's Health Parameters

Be familiar with what's normal for your horse so it's obvious when something's not right. Read More

Retired Racehorses: Transitioning from Racetrack to Ribbons

From selecting a horse to rehabbing and feeding him, learn how to transition an ex-racer to life as a riding mount. Read More

Developing the Sport Horse: Common Injuries

Learn about three common sport horse injuries and how to prevent and treat them. Read More

Going to the Barn? Don't Forget Your Helmet

No matter what the riding discipline, wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to minimize the chance of a brain injury. Read More

Planning for the Final Goodbye

While end-of-life planning for your horse might be painful, having a plan ahead of time will make the decision easier. Read More

Developing the Sport Horse: The Importance of Hydration

Learn how heat and humidity can affect horses' ability to perform, and why water is important to keeping them healthy. Read More

Cross-Training Sport Horses for Body and Mind

Cross-training is a "central pillar" to athletic success and longevity, one veterinarian says. Learn why. Read More

Preventing Fall and Winter Colic

Paying attention to equine management can go a long way to decrease colic incidence. Read More

Working Animal Welfare: Seeking Sustainable Solutions

In developing countries, working horses, donkeys, and mules are most often used for heavy labor, whether it be hauling heavy loads of cargo or carrying tourists up and down a mountain.

The animals might be suffering from Read More