Bluegrass Equine Digest at 100

<em>Bluegrass Equine Digest</em> at 100

The Bluegrass Equine Digest aims to get information out to those who are managing horses and their environments, on a very large or a very small scale.

Photo: University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

This issue marks the 100th Bluegrass Equine Digest. This free multiple-award-winning monthly electronic newsletter is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on equine research from the University of Kentucky’s (UK) College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. This has been done in partnership with and sponsored and supported by Zoetis since its inception.

Since 2009, the Bluegrass Equine Digest has covered topics you might expect from a leading land-grant university with an excellent equine focus, ranging from infectious diseases to forages and nutrition to reproductive research to parasitology to genetics. The publication has also demonstrated the depth and breadth of the equine focus at UK with topics that also include economics, engineering, law, entomology, diagnostics, biosecurity, graduate student spotlights, and more.

Since the beginning, the intent of the publication was to provide a digest of stories to meet the needs of a wide variety of horse interests. In each issue, you are as likely to find a technical description of findings from a recent research study into equine health as you are to learn about toxic plants or weed control. Additionally, you will also find many hallmarks of the extension focus of a land-grant institution—getting information out to those who are managing horses and their environments, on a very large or a very small scale.

Following is a small sample of the important and still-relevant stories that have appeared in the Bluegrass Equine Digest.

Aged Horses


Diagnostics and Tools



Equine Disease

Genetics and Genomics


Horse Management


Insects and Pests



Other Interesting Research and Topics


Pasture Management and Weeds

Reproduction and Foal Health

Toxin Topic

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Holly Wiemers, MA, APR, is communications director for UK Ag Equine Programs.

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