UC Davis Equine Preventive Care Program Provides Exams, Vaccines, and More

The economic downturn has caused some horse owners to cut back on their spending, but veterinarians caution that preventive care is one area where they shouldn't scaleback. The veterinarians of the University of California, Davis,' William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital want to help clients protect their horses from influenza, tetanus, dental problems, and other health risks, despite the economy, so they've developed a a discounted "package" of preventive care services.

For $210 per year, a 15% discount off the regular fee, horses receive the following services:

  • An annual physical examination with assessment of all body systems and body condition score;
  • Vaccines: Tetanus, sleeping sickness (WEE/EEE), West Nile virus, and rabies;
  • Semiannual fecal egg counts and deworming plan;
  • Evaluation of diet and nutrition; and
  • Annual dental examination and routine float.

This package is available to clients of the Field Service and horse owners who bring their animals to the teaching hospital.

Members of the Equine Preventive Care Program at UC Davis may opt for other services for additional fees. Enrolled clients receive a credit of $3,000 toward the cost of colic surgery at the teaching hospital if one of their horses requires surgical treatment.

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