Poll: Readers Know About Rabies

More than 480 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "How knowledgeable are you about equine rabies?"

results of poll on rabies knowledge

Results were as follows: 

  • I completely understand the disease: 72.84% (354)
  • I know rabies is a dangerous disease, but I don't know why: 16.67% (81)
  • I didn't know horses were susceptible to rabies: 5.35% (26)
  • Other: 2.88% (14)
  • I don't think rabies is a threatening disease in the United States: 2.26% (11)

Readers shared what they know about rabies in the comments below.

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  • i know its dangerous and understand how it is transmitted but i do not know exactly what causes it
  • I know that it is potentially transmited by any mamal and that there is no cure
  • Also a public heath hazard for humanes
  • I have or had racoons drinking out of my horses water tub. I never was able to trap it so I had my v
  • Humans have been reatable after infection for years, but the drug companies want $ not cured animals
  • living in the south, you growup knowing about rabies
  • it is fatal. horses with rabies can infect humans. and it is fatal. (unless you get treated in time)
  • The symptoms are easy to determine and it is transmittable to humans & pets
  • I did 5 yrs of vax research on rabies for dogs/cats
  • I understand enough to know to vaccinate all my animals (except the bird)!
  • There is no cure for rabies-once infected death is the only outcome.. It can be transmitted to human
  • my animals get rabies shots because you never know it a rabed animals is in the area and my horses g
  • I didn't know until recently that there is an equine vaccine
  • I wll question my vet further--we usually don't include rabies with the annual shots.
  • I'm a 3rd year vet student and have discussed every aspect !
  • worked for a state health department involved inpreenting the spreadof raccoon rabies into Ohio..
  • Not an issue in the UK
  • Vaccines are just easy money for drug companies
  • Rabies is not found in Australia, thank goodness!
  • I work in public env. health in NY & am very involved with rabies prevention
  • Rabies is an infectious disease. Without vet records, horse has to be put down to be tested.
  • Vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate it is deadly and you not only protect your horse but also you due to t
  • I have seen very little rabies in horses so I need a better understanding of the disease
  • Last fall we had a rabid skunk in our paddock, I was terrorized ...
  • I've never heard of a case in my area. (NE WA state)
  • have seen several mammals including a human with rabies not pleasant!!!!!
  • no rabies in our province of Alberta so no one vaccinates for it.
  • Rabies is fatal, tansmittable, and incurable in horses.
  • Disease of Brain, death, no cure. 1 girl, Milw. lived..mix of antibiotics. brain massive damage- dea
  • I was told there is on cure if they get rabies
  • I vaccinate all my horses for Rabies because we have skunks & othe rabies carrying aniamls around.
  • That is the first shot I give after tetanus.. Very important..I have 25 minis.
  • I had to gain a good understanding of rabies for my job
  • I understand the disease & vaccinate annually, but do not know all the symptoms in horses
  • wouldn't say completely, but I know why and about it
  • As an equine vet tech (now retired) this was one of the diseases that I studied
  • vaccination given yearly by Veterinarian
  • I have a general understanding of rabies disease.
  • Rabies is a disease you definately don't want to mess with
  • I pretty much understand rabies and what to look for in animals
  • the cost of a vaccination is so much less then the vet bill to diagnose and eventually euthanize
  • Rabies is always fatal. There is no reason under the sun not to vaccinate against Rabies. It shoul
  • No cure...the only two words you need to know.
  • I vacinate I required & if a suspect wild animal is around, all get boosters
  • Maybe "completely understand" is a bit much, but know a lot!
  • rabies is a contagious disease that results in death. Dogs vacinate every 3 yrs, horses 1 yr, cats 3
  • rabies makes a person/animal go crazy and die
  • Wish we had more info on why annual vax is necessary
  • I'm sure I don't know EVERYTHING, but I know how to keep my horses safe and vaccinated.
  • Saliva can spread the diease to anyone and any animal!
  • Until I saw it here I had no idea horses were susceptible.
  • I know very little about it, but my vet says I don't need to vaccinate my horse for it.
  • i don't completely understand the disease,but i know it is transmissable between horses and humans,
  • I know rabies is fatal and contagious so I vaccinate for it.
  • Fatal to all species, so it's difficult to understand why anyone would avoid the vaccine!
  • VACCINATE!!!! Vaccination is cheap insureance in prevention of this fatal disease.
  • Easy to prevent; it is easily transmitted to other horses, livestock and humans with out vaccination
  • once you have symptoms there is no cure
  • I live in UK and we don't have rabies
  • As a vet tech I always vaccinate for Rabies. Always fatal!

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