New Study on Use of Succeed DCP Available Online

A new study on the use of Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program is available online.

In this study, 26 pregnant Thoroughbred mares were randomly assigned to treatment groups with similar feeding and vaccination protocols, with the experimental group receiving one ounce per day of Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program paste for 90 days prior to foaling. Colostrum samples were taken one hour post foaling and measured for immunoglobulin (IgG) levels. The study found mares on Succeed had a 97% improvement in colostrum immunoglobulin levels compared with control mares.

The transfer of IgG via colostrum from the mare to the foal within the first 24 hours post foaling is critical for good foal immunity and early health. Research has shown that a mare with a healthy immune system will produce high quality colostrum with high IgG levels, and that foals receiving colostrum with high IgG levels are more likely to develop healthy immune systems.

Full study information:  

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