Matchmaking Horse Finds a New Home


Fury, a Shire horse, found a new family after being featured in The Horse Health E-Newsletter.

Southern Start Fury, an 18.1 hand Shire horse featured as a Matchmaking Adoptable Horse in the Dec. 20, 2006, The Horse Health E-Newsletter has found a new home! Fury will be traveling from Frog Pond Farm, a draft horse and pony rescue in Ohio, to a new family in Arizona.

Fury's new owners contacted Lisa Gordon, the president/founder of Frog Pond Farm, after seeing him featured in The Horse Health E-Newsletter.

Frog Pond Farm is a rescue facility that specializes in draft horses. A registered non-profit in the state of Ohio, they have placed more than 40 horses in the past four years. The farm offers assistance to families needing placement of their drafts for any reason, and a donation program for those who need to turn them over immediately.

Fury came to Frog Pond Farm in November 2006 because his former owner was ill and could no longer care for Fury in the way he wanted the horse looked after. Gordon says Fury has been a pleasure to handle, gets along well with the other horses, and "doesn't have a mean bone in his body."

Gordon says there is a definite need for draft rescues, as most rescues in her area only handle light breeds. Additionally, Gordon said drafts require special care and a different approach when handling them.

"I think that the draft fad is in full force, but the public isn't aware of the necessary requirements to care for a draft horse," Gordon said. "You have to maintain a very special diet, they require more in maintenance costs for farrier and feed, equipment is higher, and they aren't able to do everything a light breed can do. They are, however, wonderful family horses, have a calm and quiet personality, make unbelievable trail horses--just watch the low branches--and are just all around great animals."

Frog Pond Farm is currently building a new facility, which will be able to accommodate 10 more horses.

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