Help Needed for Stallion Infertility Research

Bhanu P. Chowdhary, BVSc, AH, MVSc, PhD, associate professor in Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine, is trying to find molecular causes of stallion infertility and reduced fertility.

Chowdhary said, "Our research focuses specifically on genes located on the Y chromosome of the horse. In humans it has been clearly shown that of the around 7% infertile males, at least a quarter are due to 'problems' on the Y chromosome. These could be in the form of deletion, rearrangements, or mutations in genes on the Y chromosome.

"We intend to identify similar problems in horses. The outcome will help us understand the genetic causes of stallion infertility."

What does the laboratory need? Around 30-50 mL blood from:

  • Stallions with fertility problems (completely infertile stallions to those with significantly reduced fertility).
  • Intersex horses (having both male and female characteristics); hermaphrodites (having male and female organs and gametes); or horses with gonadal dysgenesis (absence of an X chromosome in females);
  • Horses with unusual genitalia.

Chowdhary will extract DNA and test genetic markers. All shipping expenses and other charges (up to $35/horse) are covered, and tubes/material for blood collection are provided. For more information, contact Chowdhary at

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