Two Horses Die Of Stab Wounds

Two horses died and seven others were injured from stab wounds in the morning hours of Dec. 5, 1998, according to police in the rural western Arkansas town of Barling. Sergeant Powell of the Barling Police Department said this is the third recent incident of horses being stabbed in the area. Previously, two horses were stabbed in nearby Fort Smith, Arkansas, and on Nov. 19, a single horse in Barling was stabbed. Police have made no arrests for the stabbings which took place on several different farms in the area, but several people were interviewed.

The latest attack left one of the horses in critical condition with deep stab wounds on his hip and both sides of his neck. Another of the wounded horses was stabbed above the eye.

According to Jeanette Allen, owner of two of the injured horses in the most recent stabbings, the horses were lured to the front of their stalls after being befriended by the perpetrators in their pastures with food.

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