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Poll Recap: Horse Height

Of the 1,150 respondents, 440 (38%) said their ideal horse would stand at least 15 hands but less than 16 hands. Read More

Poll Recap: Keeping Horse Blankets Clean

Of the 1,128 respondents, 261 (23%) said they wash their horses' winter blankets in their household washing machines. Read More

Poll Recap: Winter Shoeing Solutions

The majority of the respondents said their horses will go without shoes this winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Young Horse Ownership

Of the 634 respondents, 531 (81%) said they have owned a horse 4 years old or younger. Read More

Poll Recap: Readers Confident in Horses' Nutrition

The majority of respondents said they were somewhat or very confident in their horse's nutrition program. Read More

Poll Recap: Hay Soaking

Thirty-five percent of the respondents said they always or sometimes soak their horses' hay before feeding. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Nutrition Information

Most respondents said they get information from nutrition articles or by consulting their vet or equine nutritionist. Read More

Poll Recap: Is It Time for a New Helmet?

Of the 926 respondents, 506 (55%) said they are most likely to replace their riding helmet after a fall. Read More

Poll Recap: Hay Choices

Appearance, quality, availability and selection, and price are the top factors that influence readers' hay choices. Read More

Poll Recap: Saddle Shopping

Of the 633 respondents, 331 (52%) indicated they would be most likely to shop for a used saddle. Read More

Poll Recap: Tack Shopping Choices

Of the 692 respondents, 263 (38%) said they purchase most of their tack and supplies at their local tack or farm store. Read More

Poll Recap: Readers Share Their Top Nutrition Sources

Of the 457 poll respondents, 139 (30%) said they go to their equine veterinarian first for nutritional information. Read More

Poll Recap: Saddle Fitting Solutions

Of the 770 respondents, 303 (39%) said they bought new saddles if their previous ones did not fit their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Unwanted Barn Guests

Of the 1,338 poll respondents, 682 (51%) said they use cats to control rodents in their barn and feed-storage areas. Read More

Poll Recap: Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Of the 775 respondents, 560 (72%) said they have owned or ridden an off-track Thoroughbred. Read More

Poll Recap: Horsey Halloween Traditions

Of the 482 respondents, only 75 (16%) said they dress up their horse for Halloween. Read More

Poll Recap: Senior Superstars

Of the 1,943 respondents, 885 (46%) said the oldest horse they currently own or care for is 21 to 30 years old. Read More

Poll Recap: Rehabbing Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Of the 571 respondents, 384 (67%) people said they have rehabbed a horse from a tendon or ligament injury. Read More

Poll Recap: Blanket Planning

Of the 1,401 respondents, 1,021 people (73%) said their horses will wear a blanket at some point this fall and winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Your Significant Other's Equine Involvement

Nearly one-third of respondents said their significant other is supportive, but isn't involved with horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Hauling Options

The majority of poll respondents (74%) said they own their own horse trailer. Read More

Poll Recap: Saddle Collections

Of the 1,337 respondents, 931 (69%) said they currently own one to four saddles. Read More

Poll Recap: Readers Say 'Yes' to Professional Saddle Fit

Of the 843 respondents, 393 (47%) said they've had a professional saddle fitter evaluate their horses and tack. Read More

Poll Recap: Tack Cleaning

Of the 870 respondents, 298 (34%) said they clean their horses' tack a few times per year. Read More

Poll Recap: Natural Disaster Planning

The majority of respondents said they've thought about disaster planning and have an idea of how they would respond. Read More