Game Ready Equine Adds Back Wrap to Product Line

Game Ready Equine has launched the highly-anticipated Back Wrap to round out its line of therapeutic products that use dry cold and active compression to help heal and prevent soft tissue injuries in horses. The Back Wrap from Game Ready Equine is a non-invasive solution for sore backs, and the only one on the market to use dry cold in combination with active compression.

The Game Ready Equine Back Wrap is designed to provide therapy from the withers to the lower back (the area typically covered by a square saddle pad). The Wrap will fit horses and large ponies, with adjustments around the barrel and chest as well as lacing along the spine for a customized fit. The Wrap alleviates sore back pain due to poor saddle fit and a host of other back problems in horses.

The Game Ready Equine Back Wrap offers two distinct advantages over traditional cold therapies--a dry application and active compression. In addition to decreasing pain, swelling, and tissue damage, dry cold therapy has the added benefits of convenience and minimizes dermatological issues that can result from wet ice. The active compression's squeeze-and-release action pushes swelling from the injury site and encourages fresh blood flow into the back. This combination of reducing swelling and encouraging a re-supply of fresh blood accelerates the horse's natural healing process.

How Game Ready Equine Works

The Game Ready Equine System consists of flexible wraps and a microprocessor-regulated control unit, which is filled with ice and water. The appropriate wrap is secured firmly around the area to be treated. Next, treatment is customized by selecting one of four compression levels as well as a temperature range, and setting the internal timer.

The Game Ready Equine Back Wrap is priced at $995. To order, or to learn more about the benefits of dry cold, active compression, or Game Ready Equine's full range of wraps, visit or call 888/426-3732.

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