Bandaging Brochures

The care and protection of equine lower limbs through proper bandaging is the subject of a new series of client education brochures developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and Educational Partner 3M Animal Care Products.

Bandaging provides protection and support for the horse while he is working, traveling, resting, or recovering from an injury. Proper leg bandaging techniques are essential to ensure the bandage serves its intended purpose and does not harm the horse. The new series features eight brochures to help horse owners understand this topic:

  • Applying Sweat Bandages
  • Cast Care
  • Cold Therapy and Ice Bandages
  • Leg Bandages
  • Applying Pressure Bandages
  • Applying Hock Bandages
  • Applying Knee Bandages
  • Applying Hoof and Lower Leg Bandages

The bandaging series joins more than 20 other client education brochures written to help horse owners learn more about equine health care practices. The brochures can be obtained through participating AAEP-member veterinarians. To contact an AAEP-member veterinarian in your area, call 800/GET-A-DVM (800/438-2386).

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