Sharon Biggs Waller

Sharon Biggs Waller is a freelance writer for equine ­science and human interest publications. Her work has appeared in several publications and on several websites, and she is a classical dressage instructor.

Articles by Sharon Biggs Waller

Equine Internal Combustion

Help kick-start your horse's furnace by providing proper fuel: food, particularly good-quality forage. Read More

Horses Grazing Summer Pastures

Regulate grass intake to prevent excess weight gain when fields are at their greenest. Read More

Controlling Pasture Weeds

Prevent these noxious and nuisance weeds from overtaking desirable grasses. Read More

Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Horses

Find out if your horse could be at risk of suffering subtle but serious vitamin and mineral imbalances. Read More

All Ears

These uniquely designed features come with their own distinct health issues. Read More

Asleep on His Feet

Equids (horses, asses, and zebras) are the only animals that sleep standing up. Read More

Clipping Your Horse's Coat

One way to cope with a winter coat is to clip it off. But with clipping comes certain responsibilities. Read More

Barn Equipment: Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, and Implements

If you have property with horses on it, you'll need equipment to care for it; here's a guide. Read More

The Long and Short of Horse Trailering

In true summer riding season fashion, horse owners are heading down the road to trail rides and shows. Read More

Digestive Health Through the Seasons

With a little forethought you can maintain that all-important digestive health throughout the year. Read More

Investigating Horse Immunity

The immune system allows humans and animals including horses to survive in a complex world filled with harmful bacteria and viruses that can use our bodies for nourishment and reproduce within us. The immune system protects us from those organisms Read More

Proposed Mongolian Horse Race Raises Welfare Concerns

A planned horse race over the Mongolian Steppes has raised the ire of several equestrian groups concerned about the welfare of the more than 700 horses that will take part in the 1,000-kilometer Mongolian Derby.

The League of Adventurists Read More

Greener Pastures

Maintain good ground cover to keep your horses grazing and the soil and nutrients in your pastures.

A good pasture is not just a grassy field surrounded by a fence. It's a place of beauty, a weed-free meadow where horses Read More

Farm Equipment

Tailor your selections to your facility's specific needs. Read More

Horses Appear in Inaugural Celebrations

The President's Inaugural Parade has a long tradition of including horses in the festivities, and this year was no different. With more than 200 horses representing 10 teams from throughout the United States, riders helped make this histori Read More

Inaugural Parade Horse Sustains Minor Injuries

The Southern Ohio Ladies Aside team is counting itself lucky after an accident involving one of their horses and a Secret Service truck at Tuesday's President's Inaugural Parade in Washington.

Mouse, an Appaloosa ridden by Deb Fuller, was Read More

Breeding Equipment

Want your mare in Texas bred to a stallion in Germany? It’s easy with today's equipment and technology. Read More

Barn Innovations

We've come a long way since the days of the simple tie stall and the humble hitching post. Necessity is the mother of invention, and through the years we've added stall mats, cross-ties, hay racks, and automatic waterers to the mix. Read More

Drought: Wild Predators Frequenting Suburban Areas

The recent drought in some Western states, coupled with the aftermath of wildfires, has compounded the problem of wildlife visiting populated areas. Horse owners can initiate simple changes in equine and farm management to reduce the risk Read More

Millionaire Pacer Sharky Spur Recovering From Training Injury

The Standardbred racing industry was rocked when one of their superstars, millionaire pacer Sharky Spur, suffered a career-ending injury when a training accident June 6 left the long pastern bone of his right front leg shattered.

With an Read More

Trailer Driving Tips

While most of us learn to drive a passenger vehicle through driver's education, the majority of us learn to drive horse trailers through experience. When you consider how precious the cargo is, cutting our towing teeth at the "school of hard knocks Read More

Challenges of Feeding High-Performance Horses

"A horse that's working hard does have a high energy requirement," says Nielsen. "And when we are trying to get that into a horse, we have to feed him a fair bit of concentrate, meaning grain, of course. In this case, we run the risk of health Read More

Fencing for Pastures

What is the correct fencing for your farm? The correct answer is: it depends. It would be wonderful if there existed one type of Good Horse Fencing that we could all install and be done. While there is unacceptable fencing for horses, there is no Read More

Healthy Habitats for Your Horse

There are many benefits to keeping horses on your own property, but there are also responsibilities, and one of the biggest is barn maintenance. Whether your barn is old or new, there are products on the market that can help ease the burden. Read More

Warming Up to the Idea

Riders understand the importance of warming up as a way to ready the horse's mind and body for the challenges ahead, but there is more to a warm-up than simple preparation. Correctly done, prior exercise substantially benefits physical performance Read More