Central Kentucky Colostrum Banks in Need

The colostrum banks at both Rood & Riddle and Hagyard equine hospitals in Lexington are dangerously low and in dire need of donations as the foaling season gains speed, the Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Manager's Club announced in a statement.

Both facilities are encouraging other farms to donate as much as possible. Collection bottles were given out at the last KTFMC meeting, but if farms are in need of additional containers in order to make donations, they can contact the KTFMC at info@ktfmc.org.

Additional containers can also be picked up at Rood & Riddle or Hagyard. Rood & Riddle is located at 2150 Georgetown Road, and Hagyard's address is 4250 Iron Works Pike.

Colostrum is a sticky, high-protein milk secreted during the first 24 hours following birth and is characterized by a high content of antibodies. These antibodies are a foal's first line of defense against potential infection. If a foal is unable to nurse, or the mare does not produce adequate colostrum, the foal's health could be at risk. If this is the case, a foal might require supplemental colostrum or a commercial substitute.

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