Fetal Monitoring


Breeding Equipment

October 01, 2008

Want your mare in Texas bred to a stallion in Germany? It’s easy with today's equipment and technology.... Read More


Predicting Mare Delivery Dates: The Eyes Have It

August 03, 2006

Thanks to a University of Pennsylvania study, owners of small ponies can now predict their pregnant mares' delivery dates simply by looking into their unborn foals' eyes. During a two-year project, researchers in the university's School of... Read More


Monitoring Pregnancy

December 01, 2005

Preparations for breeding and the act of getting a mare bred involve dedicated time and commitment by a horse owner. Then it seems as if all that needs to be done is to sit back and wait for the foaling date. But this is not quite so; it is... Read More


Australian Mystery Disease Update

December 01, 2004

On Dec. 1, we received additional information from the Hunter Valley Equine Research Centre (HVERC), a research facility adjacent to Scone racetrack in the heart of the Australian breeding area, on a problem that is causing sporadic abortions... Read More


The Equine Placenta: Mare and Foal Interactions

December 09, 2003

Abby L. Fowden, University of Cambridge, UK, discussed nutritive and endocrine functions of the equine placenta at the first Equine Placenta Workshop held at the Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky on Dec. 5-6. She said th... Read More


High-Risk Pregnancies and Sick Foals

January 09, 2003

In defining a high-risk mare, Bain said she is one which has had previous foaling problems such as dystocia (difficult delivery), hemorrhage, or a red bag delivery. He said a mare also could be at risk because of medical illness, surgery, colic... Read More


Researching the Equine Embryo

June 23, 2000

Scientists are viewing the details of the equine embryo at stages of early development for the first time.... Read More


AAEP Convention 1998 Wrap-Up

February 01, 1999

Wonder where your veterinarian was the first week in December? If he or she is at the top of the game as an equine practitioner, you probably could find him or her enjoying the weather in Baltimore, Md., site of the 44th American Association of... Read More


New Options For Distance Learning

April 17, 1998

Remaining current and informed is crucial to success in the horse industry, but busy schedules do not always provide time out for education. To address this need, the Equine Research Centre in Guelph, Ontario, has developed... Read More


Monitoring Fetal Well-Being

October 01, 1997

Fetal monitoring in horses is similar to the methods used for humans -- ultrasound, EKG machines, and blood tests on unborns all are part of monitoring the health of the fetus. Advances in these areas for equines have allowed for... Read More