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Equine Nutrition Series

You are what you eat, and so is your horse. There are some general trends in feeding your horse that can help him be healthier, and detailed nutritional management regimens to control specific diseases.

Special Report

Equine Body Condition Score Poster

Descriptions and illustrations of body condition scores for horses based on the Henneke body condition scale.

Special Report

Feeding to Prevent and Control Disease

Various equine diseases can be caused and/or cured by using specific feeding regimens.

Special Report

Underweight and Overactive

Suggestions for putting weight on thin and overactive horses.

Special Report

Latest on the Omegas

The question: If omega-3 fatty acids benefit human health, can they provide similar benefits for horses?

Special Report

Body Condition Score: Back to Basics

A horse’s body condition score can tell a lot about his overall well-being; how does your horse weigh in?