David Preston

David Preston, president of Preston Construction Group, specializes in unique commercial and equine projects. A horse owner and sportsman, he has built and remodeled several barns in Kentucky and Illinois ranging from development of complete Thoroughbred farms to small horse barns.

Articles by David Preston

Run-In Shed Rundown

A good run-in shed, whether simple or elaborate, should follow some basic design concepts. Read More

Demystifying Mats and Bedding

Choosing the right mats and/or bedding for your barn will help keep horses comfortable and stalls clean. Read More

Manage Summer Pastures

Assess your geographic region, plant species, soil, and plant stand to help maintain your pastures' (and your Read More

Winter Barn Ventilation

How do you know if your barn is well-ventilated, and what can you do to fix it?

What could possibly be more interesting than barn ventilation? It ranks right up there with oil changes and trimming those low-hanging tree Read More

Barn Design Tips: A Place to Call Home

Placement of the barn in a convenient, well-drained location, close or adjacent to turnout areas should be your primary consideration. Access for hay, feed, or bedding delivery vehicles is important. Try to put the structure downwind from the house, Read More

Stall Stuff

The care of horse stalls is an inherently messy part of horse management. There are a variety of opinions on how to cope with this daily chore. Let's face it: urine and manure reek. Additionally, an excess of these two elements creates unsafe and Read More

Living With Your Contractor

The scenario is everyone's worst nightmare: Two men speaking a version of English you can't understand roll in on the wrong day at the wrong time in a muddy, beat-up truck with an ancient backhoe leaking hydraulic fluid on Read More

Barn Makeover: Gathering Storm or the End of the Rainbow?

Are you torn between undertaking a completely new structure or an extreme renovation of a building already on your property to use for housing horses? You might have what you need right there in front of you. With careful evaluation and planning Read More

Quick Barn Fixes

You can create a functional, safe barn in an existing structure on your property with some practical, Read More

How Safe is Your Barn?

Barns can be elaborate statements about our love for our animals and our economic status. In terms of equine health and safety, the best solution is one that works, not necessarily the most impressive or expensive one. Often, spending more money Read More