Equine Viral Arteritis Monitoring Is Ongoing

The Office of the Kentucky State Veterinarian is continuing to monitor an outbreak of equine viral arteritis that has been reported in Argentina, according to a recent news release from that office.

Information available suggests the outbreak appears to be limited or contained within the sport horse population. Initial reports indicated virus had spread into a limited number of Thoroughbred mares residing on the same premises as the sport horses; six mares aborted from the infection.

There has been no indication that virus has spread beyond the province of Buenos Aries. To date, extensive investigation has failed to identify the occurrence of infection in either the Thoroughbred racing population or outside the province of Buenos Aries.

The recommendation from the Office of the (KY) State Veterinarian to stallion managers who are sending stallions to Argentina for the southern hemisphere season is to determine the current demonstrated level of immunity the stallion has at the conclusion of our breeding season, and if it isn't a > 1:128 level, consideration to boosting the level of immunity by vaccination is encouraged.

During the weeks leading up to the importation of horses competing at the 2010 World Games in Lexington, the Office of the (KY) State Veterinarian will be consulting with the Argentinean team's veterinarian and others to insure minimal opportunity of prior exposure. Upon importation from Argentina, team horses will complete a minimum seven-day quarantine at the Miami Animal Import Center where they will undergo extensive veterinary assessment.

Regardless of their point of origin, any imported horse presenting evidence of illness or suspicion thereof will be held in the quarantine and not permitted to travel to the Kentucky Horse Park until the concern is resolved or the horse(s) returned to their point of origin.

In addition, horses that are determined fit for release and travel to the Kentucky Horse Park will, prior to entering the park's stabling area, be inspected and assessed with fulfillment of health requirements validated. Additionally, horses will be monitored and evaluated daily during their stay at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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