Are Chestnut Horses Crazy? Not Necessarily, Scientists Say

March 24, 2016

But, they were more likely to display "bold" behaviors (i.e., approaching unfamiliar objects) than bay horses.... Read More


Just the Basics: What Every Horse Needs

March 23, 2016

No doubt about it, horse ownership is a big responsibility. Here's a look at the basics of what every horse needs.... Read More


Equine Earphones Could Help Horses Relax

March 22, 2016

Horses tended to recover from stress faster if they listened to classical music through specially designed headphones.... Read More


Study: Some Mares Find Rectal Ultrasounds Stressful

March 18, 2016

Nonlactating Thoroughbred mares perceived transrectal ultrasound exams as modest temporary stressors.... Read More


Positively Playful

March 17, 2016

My 5-year-old gelding is very playful. Can I turn his playfulness into an advantage when I train him?... Read More


Clues for Recognizing Confusing Neurologic Syndromes

March 15, 2016

From behavioral changes to yawning, signs of neurologic problems in horses can be challenging to decipher.... Read More


Managing Mouthiness

March 10, 2016

My gelding is very mouthy. Should this behavior be curbed, and how can I accomplish this? ... Read More

Horses respond distinctly to different caretakers and appear to anticipate people's moves.


Thinking Like a Horse

March 04, 2016

By gaining a better understanding of how horses associate and learn, can we train them more effectively and ethically?... Read More


Does Your Horse Play 'Catch Me If You Can'?

March 03, 2016

Here's why your horse might run away when it's time to come in from turnout and how you can work to solve the problem.... Read More


Why Do Horses Weave?

February 18, 2016

Find out why a horse might start weaving and what, if anything, you can do about this stereotypy. ... Read More


iPads for Horses? Touch-Screen Technology in Equine Research

February 18, 2016

Touch-screen computers could remove the risk of human influence in research on equine decision-making and actions.... Read More


Horses, Humans, and Trust

February 11, 2016

Do horses experience trust the same way humans do? ... Read More


Horses Can Read Human Emotions, Study Shows

February 11, 2016

For the first time horses have been shown to be able to distinguish between angry and happy human facial expressions.... Read More


Managing the Anxious Horse

February 05, 2016

Find out how to keep you, your prone-to-worry horse, and those around him safe.... Read More


Navigating Barriers: Can Horses Watch and Learn?

February 04, 2016

While equine social learning might be possible in some situations, it doesn't seem to work with spatial detour tasks.... Read More


Practical Equine Medicine Studies of 2015

February 04, 2016

Studies focused on ophthalmology, gastrointestinal disease, foal medications, pain management, and more.... Read More


Minimizing Foal Stress Levels in the Breeding Shed

February 03, 2016

What would be the best plan for handling a foal whose dam is being covered by a stallion?... Read More


Softening the Hard Mouthed-Horse

January 28, 2016

Does it feel like your horse hangs on the reins? A behaviorist offers possible causes and solutions to the problem.... Read More


Rutgers to Host Equine Behavior, Training Seminar

January 27, 2016

Speakers will discuss how horses learn and how that knowledge can be applied to training.... Read More


I Bought a Horse with a Behavior Problem. Now What?

January 22, 2016

An equine lawyer addresses buyer options after purchasing a horse with an unknown or undisclosed behavioral issue.... Read More


Teaching a Horse to Have a Blanket Put Over His Head

January 21, 2016

How can I teach my horse to let me put her blanket on over her head so I don't have to unbuckle it each time?... Read More


Can Horses Follow Humans' Pointing Gestures?

January 15, 2016

Horses trained with ground work learned to recognize finger pointing faster than those trained with other methods.... Read More


Feeding Horses on Stall Rest

January 11, 2016

Take steps to manage your horse's weight and behavior while he's cooped up. ... Read More


Hyperflexion in International Dressage: 1992 vs. 2008

January 05, 2016

Hyperflexion was more common in the 2008 World Cup than the 1992 Olympic Games in dressage classes, researchers found.... Read More


Don't Judge a Horse by His (or Her) Color

December 31, 2015

Is there any proof behind the hot-blooded chestnut mare stereotype? An equine behaviorist weighs in.... Read More