2014 Hairiest Horse Contest: Editors' Picks

Here are a few of our favorite photos submitted by fans for The Horse's Hairiest Horse contest.

Hairiest Horse Contest: Fan's Choice

Cally Matherly's photo of "Frederik the Great" received the most votes in our 2014 Hairiest Horse photo contest and was declared the winner.

Photo: Cally Matherly

Hairy Horses: "Gracie"

"Gracie," an 18-year-old Miniature mare.

Photo: Judy Heckelman Moore

Hairy Horses: "MeSesko"

"MeSesko, one of our wonderful American Curly Horses."

Photo: Shawn Tucker

Hairy Horses: "Commanche"


Photo: Brenda Jae Grogan

Hairy Horses: "Fred"

"Meet Fred! A 10-month-old Miniature horse. He is 27-inches tall and the cutest kid around"!

Photo: Lynn Huckaby

Hairy Horses: "Froya"

"Froya, a Norwegian Fjord."

Photo: Jamie Benner Sorum

Hairy Horses: Contrasting Colors

Hairiest Horse Entry, submitted by Brooke Isaacson

Photo: Brooke Isaacson

Hairy Horses: Seeing Spots

Hairiest Horse Entry, submitted by Kimberly Spader Kwiatkowski

Photo: Kimberly Spader Kwiatkowski

Hairy Horses: "Zorro"

"The fleece cover fits Zorro in the summer when the hair comes off!"

Photo: Stephanie Fitkin

Hairy Horses: "Zipper"

"This is my mini mare, Zipper. In the winter, we call her the bearded lady."

Photo: Abigail Powell

Hairy Horses: "Dilly"

"Dilly, a Miniature Horse."

Photo: Michelle Lafferty Puryear

Hairy Horses: Grooming Time

"The hair on her chest is almost down to her knees."

Photo: Kayla Ayers

Hairy Horses: "Buttercup"

"My little 26-inch-tall Miniature 'Buttercup' in all his winter fuzz."

Photo: Courtney Kaufman

Hairy Horses: "Solo"

"I know I'm in the UK, but thought I would send this just for fun! Little Solo at the rescue center I work at!" -- Nikki Haddock, United Kingdom

Photo: Nikki Haddock

Hairy Horses: "Lilly"

"I don't live in America but I had to share this photo of my horse Lilly being groomed, very hairy horse!" -- Meaghan Brown, Melbourne, Australia

Photo: Meaghan Brown

Hairy Horses: "Sweet Pea, Carolina Dream, and Pennsylvania Dream"

"Curly ponies: Sweet Pea, Carolina Dream, Pennsylvania Dream." -- Lene Jensen, Hillestad, Norway

Photo: Lene Jensen