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Equine Electrolytes, Exercise, and the Heat

Always ensure horses are consuming their baseline sodium, potassium, and chloride requirements each day. Read More

Commentary: Considerations for the IR Horse

Eleanor Kellon, VMD, of Uckele Health & Nutrition, shares her thoughts on insulin resistance in horses. Read More

Nutritional Support for Equine Digestive Health

Balancing the digestive system is key to maintaining equine health by improving nutrient absorption. Read More

Gastric Ulcers and the Performance Horse

Recent studies show that gastric ulcers occur in a surprisingly high percentage of performance horses. Read More

Understanding Electrolyte Formulas

Proper electrolyte balance and hydration should be a main priority for horse owners. In stressful situations, Read More

The Benefit of Poultices During the Show Season

Poultice can help reduce tissue heat and swelling caused by high intensity training and performance. Read More

Allergy Management through Antioxidants, Digestive Support

Nutritional support in the form of antioxidant and digestive aid can help strengthen the immune system. Read More

Supporting Healthy Equine Blood Sugar

Healthy blood sugar is a major factor in equine health. When glucose is not efficiently delivered to or utilized by the target cells, a horse's ability to produce sustained metabolic energy is greatly diminished. This can result in a series of Read More

Supplementing the Equine Diet with Essential Fatty Acids

Research indicates that supplementing essential fatty acids in horses' diets is useful and might be required. Read More

Nutritional Support for the Lactating Mare and Growing Foal

Providing your broodmare with a proper diet is critical to producing a healthy foal. Read More

Providing Nutritional Support for the Equine Skeletal System

Nutritional supplements can support healthy joint, bone, and connective tissue function in horses. Read More

Phytonutrients for Controlling Free Radicals in Horses

Phytonutrients are a class of compounds showing value in controlling inflammation and its negative effects. Read More