Shoes vs. Barefoot

Do you keep your horses horses shod or barefoot?

All natural, all the time
I pull my horses' shoes during periods of downtime, such as winter or layup.
My horses always wear shoes
Other (please explain below)

Total votes cast: 324

Comments & Write-in Answers

shoes on fronts...barefoot on backs

9/17/2012 6:15:46 PM

I have my horse shod for show competition because she has super sensitive feet.

9/17/2012 5:51:08 PM

all3 barefoot al the time, except for navicualr horse who's in rocker shoes to faciitate soundness.

9/17/2012 5:04:09 PM

Barefoot, but booted for trail riding. Great boots these days!

9/17/2012 10:16:33 AM

Of our 11 horses, each one's use & turn out areas determine needs.

9/17/2012 9:33:56 AM

shoes only when needed

9/17/2012 12:15:46 AM

I ride mostly in grass.If I know that I will ride on rocky surface, I will put on shoes.

9/16/2012 7:42:54 PM

most are kept barefoot and trimmed on has front shoes all the time due to soft hoofs

9/16/2012 2:58:52 PM

Shoes on the back to help the Digital cushion. No shoes on front until winter snow shoes.

9/14/2012 1:09:37 PM

I use hoof boots for outrides and harder surfaces and when newly trimmed feet are slightly sensitive

9/14/2012 5:21:16 AM

depends on quality of hoof and how it copes with work. 2 old retired horses have front shoes only

9/14/2012 5:18:38 AM

Two are barefoot and one has shoes all around; depends on the health of the hoof!

9/13/2012 8:54:35 PM

Barefoot unless

9/13/2012 6:15:21 PM

non-shoe home environment sandy; shoes for mountain trips

9/13/2012 5:52:05 PM

Shod in summer, barefoot in winter

9/13/2012 12:57:09 PM

all natural as much as possible , but sometimes use theraputic shoes for specific problems .

9/13/2012 11:05:11 AM

Depends on the horse. My TWH's stay shod. My ASB is barefoot.

9/13/2012 8:17:29 AM

Depends on the individual. Some are shod, some are not.

9/13/2012 8:00:48 AM

She is barefoot except when we ride outside the ring. Then she wears her Old Macs.

9/12/2012 8:45:23 PM

Shoes on the front only

9/12/2012 7:25:53 PM

Only shod when needed

9/12/2012 6:43:56 PM

Prefer barefoot if at all possible

9/12/2012 5:44:25 PM

Shod horse struggled w/probs for years.Pulled shoes probs solved-will never shoe again

9/12/2012 5:05:07 PM

1 Arabian barefoot, 1 TB always shod, 1 TB front shoes only

9/12/2012 3:42:30 PM

With his magical orthopedic front shoes Jack is happy and healthy ... without them, ouch!

9/12/2012 3:21:29 PM

I mhave Minis and they are not permitted to be shod forshowing.

9/12/2012 12:29:36 PM

I must put on front hooves of my tender footed gelding during the riding months so he can tolerate.

9/12/2012 11:58:04 AM

Some go barefoot. If needed for soundness or work - they get shod.

9/12/2012 11:14:29 AM

Due to foudering she has to have shoes on her front feet

9/12/2012 11:02:22 AM

shod in the front, not the rear

9/12/2012 10:53:19 AM

Some are barefoot and some are shod. Depends on the work they do and how good their feet are.

9/12/2012 10:48:01 AM

I have a mustang. Her feet are GREAT!!!

9/12/2012 10:32:52 AM

Barefoot right now. Have two OTTBs with bad feet but a great farrier who got them out of shoes

9/12/2012 10:17:16 AM

3 horses. all natural. one is retired so needs regular trimming. other two get a trim every 10 weeks

9/12/2012 10:03:45 AM

1always barefoot/1 6 mths normally shod front only.

9/12/2012 8:15:50 AM

I use shoes only if riding on the road or in the mountains, otherwise we stay barefoot.

9/12/2012 8:15:03 AM

I only have one horse. I wish she could be barefoot but at this point in time she is wearing four h

9/12/2012 8:03:41 AM

My dressage horses are all barefoot, can touchup in between trims to keep a good foot

9/12/2012 7:39:14 AM

Barefoot unless they actually need shoes for some reason.

9/12/2012 7:07:55 AM

One horse can go barefoot, the other has to have shoes all the time.

9/12/2012 12:59:12 AM

Barefoot in summer, shod beginning in fall for foxhunting.

9/11/2012 9:11:00 PM

boots when riding on hard ground only

9/11/2012 9:00:25 PM

We manage 45-50 horses on a daily basis. all are kept barefoot and are on rocky terrain 24x7x365.

9/11/2012 8:37:41 PM

One barefoot, one front shoes as he is flatfooted

9/11/2012 8:20:20 PM

as recommended by farier

9/11/2012 8:04:46 PM

we ride all yr in TN n its really rocky rough terain

9/11/2012 7:23:45 PM

Two of my three barefoot, use Renegades and EasyBoots when needed; one fully shod.

9/11/2012 7:19:04 PM

Walk in shoes that are too small. That's what a horse shoe feels like! Hoofs need to flex/expand!!

9/11/2012 7:15:52 PM

Front shoes only.

9/11/2012 7:06:15 PM

wears shoes year round as too soft hooves

9/11/2012 7:01:00 PM

One has to wear all shoes; the other only on the front

9/11/2012 6:45:45 PM

I shoe only the rear feet to protect one mal-formed hoof.

9/11/2012 6:41:03 PM

shoes on front- rocks here are wicked

9/11/2012 5:42:23 PM

barefoot but wear either easyboot gloves or equiflex shoes for competitions (endurance)

9/11/2012 5:37:25 PM

Depends on horse, its use, time of year.

9/11/2012 5:32:52 PM

fronts shoed, backs barefoot

9/11/2012 5:24:22 PM

Booted for riding on hard or rocky ground. Bare on soft ground and for turnout.

9/11/2012 5:18:16 PM

With intense attention to feed & management my 6 yr old has never had shoes.

9/11/2012 5:11:38 PM

Horses that are competing are shod, all others barefoot

9/11/2012 5:03:18 PM

We use Boa Boots when riding on extremely rocky trails

9/11/2012 4:43:04 PM

Arabians are barefoot, previously foundered QH is always shod, and Appaloosa requires corrective.

9/11/2012 3:49:29 PM

Just the fronts are shod

9/11/2012 3:39:18 PM

One is always natural the other is soon to be shod, front onlys

9/11/2012 12:59:38 PM

Started trimming their hooves myself 18 mounths ago.Wish I had gotten the courage to do it sooner.

9/11/2012 12:26:03 PM

Just now trying barefoot trim

9/11/2012 10:24:46 AM

would shoe if still competing

9/11/2012 8:33:18 AM

I think barefoot is best for horses feet and legs.

9/11/2012 4:15:20 AM

All barefoot, but are able to do so without boots. Shoes have their place....

9/11/2012 2:35:50 AM

After beign barefoot 6 years my horse is now shod. Tired of pain!

9/11/2012 1:45:33 AM

Only riding horses shod during seasons of use, and if trouble with snow buildup

9/11/2012 12:18:29 AM