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Of the 1,127 respondents, 225 (20%) indicated they are interested in learning more about equine supplements, while 189 people (17%) said they would like to know more about selecting hay for their horse.

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In last week’s poll, we asked what equine nutrition topics you would like to know more about. More than 1,100 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 1,127 respondents, 225 (20%) indicated they were interested in learning more about equine supplements, while 189 people (17%) said they would like to learn more about selecting hay for their horse. Another 187 individuals (17%) said they would like to know more about equine pasture and forage management, while 166 respondents (15%) said they wanted to learn more about maintaining a horse’s body condition. Another 155 people (14%) are interested in learning more about feeding older horses, and 90 respondents (8%) are interested in feeding performance horses. Finally, 71 individuals (6%) want to know more about feeding young horses, and the remaining 44 respondents (4%) said they would like to know more about other topics not listed.

Additionally, some readers left comments on specific equine nutrition topics that they would like to learn more about. 

Several individuals expressed an interest in learning more about feeding horses with specific health conditions:

Poll Results

  • "Feeding insulin-resistant horses."
  • "Feeding horses with specific metabolic issues such as insulin resistance."
  • "Feeding for specific disease conditions (PPID, gastric ulcers, etc)."
  • "I have a horse with liver issues. (It was recommended that he be) put on a low-grain, low-fat, low-protein diet."
  • "I'm worried that my Percheron-cross may be prone to metabolic issues. Are they preventable?"
  • "Feeding horses diagnosed with Cushing's disease'.'
  • "(My Cushing's horse) hates grain. Hay, he will eat. What should I do? Just give hay? He's 24 years old."
  • "Managing the Cushing's/IR horse."
  • "Equine gastric ulcers."
  • "Supplements for ulcer recurrence and the latest news on PSSM."
  • "What should you feed a horse that has a low glucose level or a high glucose level?"
  • "Feeding horses with endocrine diseases."

Others were interested in learning more about specific components of a horse’s diet:

  • "How to formulate a complete ration for mature performance horses."
  • "Differences in commercial pelleted and textured diets"
  • "Formulating your own feed blend."
  • "I've been told protein is the last resource a horse uses when processing feed. Is this true?"
  • "Vitamin and mineral essentials."
  • "Which feeds are best, and what are most needed or not necessary for a healthy horse daily diet?"
  • "Has there been more research on the effects of high iron intake?"
  • "What's the best way to provide required vitamins and minerals to easy keepers on minimum grain ration?"
  • "Avoiding GMO ingredients in feed and supplements."

And many people commented that they wanted to know more about other nutrition topics:

  • "I cannot seem to find good hay in North Carolina and my pastures are not much better. We have red clay for soil."
  • "My older horse is sensitive to change and periodically develops mild diahrrea. What should I feed him?"
  • "Why do some horses ingest and retain more sand than others?"
  • "Maintaining body condition on broodmares both prior to foaling and while nursing the foal."
  • "Bran mashes, and evaluating hay quality at commercial stables."
  • "Burro nutrition."
  • "Feeding hard keepers!"
  • "Feeding easy keepers and how to keep their weight in control."
  • "Pasture management."
  • "My 11-year-old has had renal failure. Are there any supplements that he'd benefit from?"
  • "Equine nutrition in the tropics."
  • "How to feed an old horse with laminitis."
  • "How to feed the 'basic backyard horse,' who's lightly ridden and has no health or age issues."
  • "Nutrition is something we all need to know more about."
  • "Hay and supplements, especially for the very easy keeper."
  • "I'm all ears when it comes to learning about horses!"

Want to expand your equine nutrition knowledge? Start out with these 10 equine nutrition resources on TheHorse.com. You can also find more equine nutrition information by searching for "feeding" or by visiting the nutrition topic group on TheHorse.com. 

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