The Top 10 Blogs of 2013

The most popular post in 2013 was an open letter to drivers who might encounter horse trailers on the road.

Photo:'s bloggers had a busy 2013 and they're gearing up to share more thoughts, insights, and information with readers in 2014. But before we move forward, we've taken a look back to tally's most popular blog posts in 2013. Did your favorites make the list? Be sure to share your thoughts about the following blogs' in their comment sections, and check back often for new discussions in 2014.

At Home with Horses: An Open Letter to Drivers Who aren't Horse People
After a scary experience with her trailer, Digital Managing Editor Michelle N. Anderson writes and open letter and asks what you would like other drivers that share the road with your rig to know about hauling horses. Read Blog

Horses and the Law: Rules of the Road
In this archived post, former Horses and the Law blogger Milt Toby, JD,  takes a look at why riding horses on roads can be a volatile and dangerous mix. Do the traffic laws in your state provide enough protection for horses being ridden or driven on the highway? Read Blog

Horse Sense (& Sensibility): 20 Do's and Don'ts for Being an Awesome Veterinary Client
Have you been an awesome veterinary client? Editor-in-Chief Stephanie L. Church gets the skinny straight from the source on what veterinarians love—and dislike—in a client. Read Blog

Smart Horse Keeping: Mud Management 102: Paddock Footing
If mud is an issue on your horse property you may be under the impression that it is an unavoidable part of having horses. But it doesn’t have to be! Blogger Alayne Blickly shares some simple changes you can make to reduce or even eliminate mud on your property. Read Blog

Old Horses: Better with Age: What is 'Old' for a Horse?
One of the most interesting things to News Editor Erica Larson has always been how differently individual horses age, and how some horses truly appear "old" at a much younger age than others. What does "old" really refer to, after all? Read Blog

London 2012 Olympics: "Rollkur": Dressage's Dirty Word
In this post from the 2012 London Olympic Games, blogger Jennifer O. Bryant discusses rollkur, or hyperflexion, and its prevalence in the dressage world. She believes the technique could be on its way out—what do you think? Read Blog

Horses and the Law: Horse Boarders' Rights (or Lack Thereof)
Attorney and blogger Rachel Kosmal McCart says she receives a lot of calls from horse owners who are unhappy with a situation at their boarding stable and want to know their "legal rights." Here, she breaks down boarders' rights, or lack thereof. Read Blog

The Horse 911: What Do I Do With This Dead Horse? Part 1
Blogger and large animal rescue specialist Rebecca Gimenez, PhD, broaches a difficult subject when she talks about the final responsibility we have as animal owners: To ensure that the bodies of our deceased animals are properly taken care of. Read Blog

Smart Horse Keeping: How to Size Your Horse's Paddock?
In this post from 2010, blogger Alayne Blickle discusses describes how to choose a size for a sacrifice area. Read Blog

Old Horses: Better with Age: To Ride or Not to Ride?

 How do you know when it's okay to keep riding a senior horse, and when it's time to hang up the bridle for good? News Editor Erica Larson asks a veterinarian to find out. Read Blog

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