VPRF Continues Support for ACVIM Foundation

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation (ACVIMF), in partnership with the Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation (VPRF), has announced a new call for proposals for animal health studies with a pharmacologic focus.

Investigators are invited to submit proposals that focus on research to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of therapies for veterinary species, explore new drug therapies for animals, develop and validate models of animal diseases or conditions, or ensure that a safe food supply is not compromised by drug therapy. As this grant is a partnership between veterinary internists and VPRF, collaborations between pharmacologists and ACVIM Diplomates are strongly encouraged.

VPRF has partnered with the ACVIMF since 2009 to fund grants that will help to advance pharmacology within veterinary specialty medicine. The first call for proposals went out in November 2009. Since that time, the partnership has awarded over $56,190 in grants to ACVIM Board-certified researchers and pharmacologists.

“The Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation was formed by the governing bodies of American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology in June of 2006,” said Jane Owens, director and president of the VPRF. “These organizations recognized that the lack of funding for basic pharmacology research was limiting both growth and innovation in the development of new veterinary therapeutics and the number of trained researchers in the field. As such, they sought to invest their collective resources in the growth of veterinary pharmacology through research grants and training programs.”

For investigators wishing to submit proposals, the deadline is May 31, 2013. For more information, visit ACVIMFoundation.org.

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