Other Convention Reports


Horse Behavior and Welfare Conference

September 01, 2002

A recent gathering of equine behavior and welfare specialists in Holar, Northern Iceland, gave scientists from around the world the opportunity to present their work and review the science underpinning management practices on the horse. The... Read More


Solving Health Problems Through Genetics

April 01, 2002

The solution to health and soundness problems facing horses might be as close as the horse itself. Laminitis, colic, respiratory disease, and even joint problems could be prevented or treated using genetics. At the Blue Ribbon Horse Genome... Read More


Merger & Medical Outcome at USA Equestrian Annual Meeting

March 01, 2002

 This year's USA Equestrian (USAE, formerly American Horse Shows Association) Annual Meeting, held in Charlotte, N.C., on Jan. 9-13, 2002, covered numerous topics. While the Drugs and Medications Committee discussed concerns about... Read More


Equine Medicine/Surgery Congress

February 13, 2002

Veterinarians worldwide were attracted to the prominent names in veterinary medicine who presented topics at the seventh Congress on Equine Medicine and Surgery held in Geneva, Switzerland, Dec. 11-13, 2001.

“There were over 500... Read More


High-Performance Hoof Care Meets Research at New Hampshire Farrier-Veterinarian Conference

February 01, 2002

The Rochester (NH) Equine Clinic cleverly wed research to practice in its 14th Annual Farrier-Veterinarian Conference, held Dec. 13-14, 2001 and sponsored by Hoofcare & Lameness Magazine.

Washington veterinarian/researcher Olin... Read More


For The Good of the Horse: Dubai Symposium 1996

October 16, 2001

As important as the formal lectures, however, was the opportunity for veterinarians from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas about how to best care for the horse. As the week unfolded, it became apparent that Sheikh Mohammed had... Read More


Lest We Forget--Dubai International Equine Symposium 1996

October 16, 2001

In recent years, there has been an ongoing change in the attitude of horse owners, a positive growth in their understanding of their animals. At the same time, there has been a change in the desire of owners to know more, and that demand drives... Read More


Tendons and Ligaments: Dubai International Equine Symposium

October 15, 2001

The basic anatomy and physiology of tendons and ligaments is complex. Nathalie Crevier, DVM, of the Clinique Equine-Laboratorie D'Anatomie in France, revealed what has been learned of the microanatomy of tendons and ligaments.... Read More


AESM Convention

October 10, 2001

Researchers, veterinarians, and horse people from around the world gathered in San Antonio in April for the 16th meeting of the Association for Equine Sports Medicine (AESM). The program included three full days of presentations concerning the... Read More


Horse Geneticists Meet In Brisbane, Australia

July 13, 2001

Horse geneticists met July 4-6, 2001, in Brisbane, Australia, for the Fourth International Equine Gene Mapping Workshop. Forty-two scientists from Europe, Asia, Australia and America met to present their research and discuss... Read More


Equine Nutrition Education

July 01, 2001

A wide variety of equine nutritional topics was covered at the fourth annual Alltech Equine School April 25-28 in Lexington, Ky., sponsored by Alltech, a feed ingredient company in Nicholasville, Ky. Among the speakers was Harold Hintz, BS, PhD,... Read More


WEVA (World Equine Veterinary Association) 1999 Convention Tidbits

January 01, 2000

Veterinarian Daniel Jean, MSc, DACVIM, of the veterinary school at Alfort in France, gave a review about smoke inhalation in horses. Jean said that controlling pain, fever, and inflammation are the most important aspects of horses which suffer... Read More


American Horse Council 1999

December 01, 1999

Horse enthusiasts attending the American Horse Council (AHC) meeting were presented with heady figures concerning the economic impact of the U.S. equine industry. They also heard sobering reports involving the importation of horses with... Read More


Equitana 1999

August 01, 1999

The third annual Equitana USA, held June 10-13 in Louisville, Ky., included an array of presentations, exhibits, clinics, and demonstrations, ranging from horse health to training methods to how to become a better rider. Following are some of th... Read More


American Farrier's Association Convention

May 01, 1999

The American Farrier’s Association Convention held in Lexington, Ky., March 3-6, was planned with the professional farrier in mind. While the lion and the lamb vollied outdoors throughout the four-day event, inside the convention center farriers... Read More


AHC 1998 Year-End Review

January 29, 1999

The 105th Congress completed its legislative work on October 21, 1998, however they officially adjourned on December 22 following the Presidential impeachment vote. In what may be remembered as one of the most controversial... Read More


Spotlight On The Performance Horse

November 25, 1998

The Kentucky Horse Council sponsored a day long seminar “Spotlight On the Performance Horse.” Included in this seminar were topics covering many areas as they relate to performance horses. Topics ranged from controlling air quality to EPM, from... Read More


Veterinarians Host Agribusiness Symposium

August 28, 1998

The present and future global needs of the agricultural industry and the roles veterinarians can play in maintaining the health of the industry will be the topic of a two day symposium hosted by the American Veterinary Medica... Read More


Where Did All The Farriers Go? The AFA Convention

July 01, 1998

Farriers want to know about "stuff" that can make their jobs easier and make their clients' horses more sound, or help with lameness problems.... Read More


Equine Industry Welfare Summit 1998

May 01, 1998

The Kentucky Horse Council's inaugural Equine Industry Summit, the only one of its kind in Kentucky, was designed to involve the whole horse industry in discussing common issues and opportunities to work together for the good of the industry.... Read More


International Disease Report: Fourth Quarter 1997

April 09, 1998

The International Collating Center, Newmarket, and other sources provided the following information:

The period was relatively quiet with no major epizootics. Cases of influenza were... Read More


AHC Convention 1997

August 01, 1997

Welfare. Regulation. Legislation. Disease prevention. These are the issues facing horse owners at all levels, and these are the issues that the American Horse Council tackled at its annual convention. These items not only affect horse owners on... Read More