Hoof Cracks


Hoof Wall Repair

October 15, 2001

In one study involving Moyer and Sigafoos at New Bolton Center, 19 horses were admitted with severe hoof crack problems that were of a severity that the horses were lame and unable to perform. In each case, the damage was repaired by using a fabric... Read More


Hoof Preparation Products

October 09, 2001

Walk into any tack store and you can smell the hoof care section before you even get there. A long list of ... Read More


Hoof Repair

September 13, 2001

When your farrier and/or your veterinarian discuss how to solve the hoof problems you are encountering with your horse--be it from injury or disease--you will be better able to understand your options, and get your horse back on his feet in the short... Read More


The Barefoot Horse: Romance vs. Reality

September 12, 2001

By leaving a horse barefoot, one allows the hoof's natural functions of shock absorption, traction, and biomechanics to perform at their optimum. Shoes inhibit natural function and the horse's natural way of going, and limb interference with shoes... Read More


Tips on Regular Trimming and Shoeing

June 01, 2001

Generally speaking, the average horse used for trail and pleasure riding should have its feet trimmed or reshod every six to eight weeks. That being said, it is immediately obvious that the use of the horse as well as the time of year will... Read More


Club Foot Concerns

April 01, 2001

Club feet might be one of the most common growth problems in young horses. Affecting youngsters primarily between birth and 6 months of age, the club foot actually is a flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (coffin joint) caused... Read More


Hoof Supplements: Feeding The Feet

September 01, 2000

Fed in the recommended amounts, the vast majority of hoof supplements will do no harm to your horse, but beware of feeding higher levels than suggested on the label, or doubling up with multiple supplements.... Read More


Problems With Hooves

January 01, 2000

It takes nearly a year for the hoof to grow down from the coronary band to the ground. Therefore, anything that happens to the horse -- whether specific trauma to the foot or a systemic problem -- can affect the health of the hoof for a long time.... Read More


Hoof Wall and White Line Disease

November 01, 1998

The more you read about white line disease, and the more you talk to farriers and veterinarians about it, the more you think there might be some wisdom to those who shrug and say, "White line disease? Never see it. Not in any of my clients' horses." ... Read More


Where Did All The Farriers Go? The AFA Convention

July 01, 1998

Farriers want to know about "stuff" that can make their jobs easier and make their clients' horses more sound, or help with lameness problems.... Read More


Understanding Hoof Cracks

June 01, 1998

Hoof cracks can be as simple as something that merely irritates the observer from an aesthetic point of view to something so serious that the horse is dead lame and unable to perform. Hoof cracks come in a variety of types and sizes, and they... Read More


Thrush and Advice for the Hoof-sore

November 01, 1997

What is the relationship between chronic, severe thrush and my horse's contracted heels?... Read More


The Art of Therapeutic Shoeing

November 01, 1997

Michael J. Wildenstein, resident farrier at Cornell University's large animal clinic, has approximately 400 different types of therapeutic shoes hanging on the wall of his clinic. Each one, he says, was made for a particular... Read More