Handling and Restraint


Pat Parelli on Shoeing Difficult Horses

April 03, 2003

"Usually you shoe horses that are against you, right?" asked world-renowned clinician Pat Parelli at the 16th annual Bluegrass Laminitis symposium Jan. 16-18 in Louisville, Ky. "You're on opposite teams. And when push comes to shove, the horse... Read More


Trailer Resistance

March 01, 2003

I've had my yearling filly all of her life. I trained her from week one to trailer load, and she was fine with getting in and out. However, this was with a four-horse slant load trailer that steps up. Now I need to load her into a two-horse... Read More


Veterinarians and Handling the Problem Horse

March 01, 2003

Fitch said that he often handles problem horses by himself, as a handler might not anticipate the interaction between him and the horse and can end up in the way or injured. Also, it's important to have a place where the horse can move around in case... Read More


Federal Funds to Support Animal Health and Disease Research

February 19, 2003

According to an Associated Press story on bloodhorse.com, The University of Kentucky (UK) will receive $11.36 million in funding in the current federal budget, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell said... Read More


AAEP Convention: Ground Handling the Problem Horse

February 03, 2003

Every veterinarian has had an equine client (or three) that resisted treatment and often a nightmarish story to go along with it. Compliant patients allow for safer and more efficient veterinary practices, so the American Association of Equine... Read More


Foot Work: Training for Hoof Care

February 01, 2003

My only horse finally lived out his days with me last fall. He died peacefully at the great old age of 32 years. He had been with me through thick and thin for 21 years, and was a sweetheart of a horse. He came to me completely broke and was... Read More


Clusters of Aggression Problems

January 01, 2003

I have an almost 4-year-old Peruvian stallion, born and raised on my farm, living with only his mother and a sister. Because of my inexperience, I treated him as a pet. Since a very young age, he showed a strong will. When I started saddle... Read More


Truck Training

November 01, 2002

I recently had a difficult time trailering my horse to a show. While loading him, we had backed the trailer up to the barn, which resulted in a situation where he became afraid of the truck/trailer by the barn area. After returning from the... Read More


Behavior Symposium will Feature Natural Horsemanship

September 06, 2002

Horse owners will have the chance to saddle up alongside Robert M. Miller DVM, to experience the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort's "Natural Horsemanship" symposium offered Nov. 17-20, 2002. The event is designed to introduce equine enthusiasts to... Read More


Stallion Mounting Behavior

September 01, 2002

I'm a veterinarian asking this question on behalf of clients who are standing a stallion at stud. The stallion isn't new to breeding or to this farm; he's in his third or fourth breeding season. He normally breeds eagerly, without hesitation... Read More


Parelli Pennings: My Experience

July 08, 2002

I'm only sorry that everyone can't have the adventure in learning that I'm looking forward to this week while visiting Pat Parelli's International Center in Pagosa Springs, Colo. Two Lexington, Ky., mounted police officers and myself are heading out ... Read More


It's In the Attitude

July 01, 2002

Man has been linked to the horse for centuries, but often in the past, it was more of an adversary relationship than a partnership. In recent years, that has changed for many horse owners. Thanks to the efforts of equine behaviorists at the... Read More


Train Your Horse to Tie Safely

June 01, 2002

By learning from experienced horse trainers, you can be confident that your horse knows how to tie safely.... Read More


Naturally Parelli

May 01, 2002

Like most people (including more than 90% of our readers), I use a computer. I can turn it on, perform tasks pertinent to my job, look things up on the Internet, print in various fonts and sizes, and accomplish my assigned tasks with little... Read More


Trailer Loading: All Aboard

May 01, 2002

Many experts believe that more injuries occur during loading and unloading than during the trailer trips themselves. Still, getting your horse on and off of a trailer doesn't have to be risky business. With understanding, forethought, and common... Read More


Ground vs. Breeding Mount Semen Collection

April 01, 2002

We have show pony breeding stallions, and as of last year are doing almost all shipped semen. This year we are seriously thinking about expanding our business to offer semen collection and shipping services for outside stallions, which will... Read More


Narrow Doorway Aversion

March 01, 2002

 My mare has a particular problem with doorways, like stall doorways, small barn doorways, and even to some extent with the round pen gate. Big, wide doors are no problem, but with anything about four feet wide or smaller she will... Read More


AAEP Convention 2001: Horseman's Day

February 01, 2002

More than 350 horse owners turned out to hear six speakers at the second annual Horseman's Day, held in conjunction with the annual AAEP convention. In almost every case, those in attendance were still raising their hands with questions when... Read More


Restraint Techniques For Horses

November 26, 2001

Veterinarians are constantly seeking ways to perform procedures on horses as quickly and safely as possible. The inherent risk with working with an unpredictable animal has caused veterinarians and handlers to develop various methods of... Read More


Males as Athletes

October 15, 2001

In a crowd of geldings, his presence is conspicuous. The stallion that competes in sport adds extra energy to every step. His distinctive bearing attracts the eye, and he truly displays the look of eagles. Horsemen debate the pros and cons... Read More


The Young Stallion

October 11, 2001

Envision this: In his first season, the young stallion fulfills his purpose as a breeding animal. He matures from a rambunctious colt into a skillful stud. So how do you make this dream a reality? As the handler, you want the horse to behave... Read More


Restraint Techniques for Breeding

October 08, 2001

When a mare and a stallion meet, love might be in the air...but there's the potential for danger, too. Particularly when humans get in the middle of it all. In our efforts to orchestrate the best possible combinations of... Read More


Retraining a Rebellious Colt

September 01, 2001

We recently had a foal who is now one month old. His mother has always been easy to handle in the cross ties or harness (she is a 20-year-old retired Standardbred), but is not a horse which can be caught easily in the pasture, and she isn't... Read More


Herd Bound Horses

July 01, 2001

I was wondering if you could help me. For a friend, I look after a 15.3-hand mare who is six years old. The horse had a fairly bad start in life as she was first abandoned in a stable, then in a field. She has luxating patellas in both hind... Read More


Enjoying Veterinary Visits

June 01, 2001

In our referral equine behavior practice, we frequently rehabilitate horses perceived to be uncooperative with one or more veterinary procedures such as injections, nasogastric tubing, genital examination, etc. We have found that straightforward... Read More