Castration & Gelding


Castration Complications: The First 24 Hours After Gelding are Critical

September 19, 2010

Chubby Poco Chick should have been castrated while he was still a weanling or even a yearling, but life kept getting in the way. At age three, our Quarter Horse colt was good-natured and docile, but we aren't breeders, and he wasn't b... Read More


Why the Horse Business is Different and What to Do About It

August 25, 2010

Those who are new to the horse business generally want to be given a pre-fabricated plan that has worked for someone else so that they can take this "magic plan" and create a successful horse business. But people who've... Read More


Penicillin's Effects on Castrated Horses

July 29, 2010

Giving procaine penicillin before and after castration reduces the levels of inflammatory markers on a horse's blood test, which suggest that this approach might reduce bacteria in the surgical wounds, according to a Danish study. ... Read More


Modified Surgical Technique Helps Male Horses

July 20, 2010

Texas A&M improves a standard procedure to remove part of a horse's penis secondary to damage or disease.... Read More


Bahrain Disease Identified as Glanders

April 29, 2010

Veterinarians have had to euthanize eight horses in three weeks due to glanders.... Read More


Miscellaneous Sessions: HERDA, Lawsonia, Castration, and More

March 08, 2010

Miscellaneous sessions at the 2009 AAEP Convention, including HERDA, castration complications, and more.... Read More


Local Analgesia Aids Castration Pain Control

February 01, 2010

Adding a local analgesic to the systemic pain medications used during castration relieved pain in colts, researchers recently reported.

The researchers observed three groups of 12 colts. All of the horses received pain medication bef... Read More


Common Castration Complications (AAEP 2009)

January 26, 2010

Complications associated with equine castrations occur commonly and should be indentified and treated properly in the field. Even though castration (removal of the testicles) is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in equine practice, ... Read More


Six Tulsa Horses Killed on Highway

October 16, 2009

Six horses were killed and two drivers were hospitalized after a reported eight horses got out of their pasture and ran loose on Highway 169 in Tulsa, Okla., about three o'clock this morning (Oct. 16), according to Read More


Kentucky Offers Stallion Castration Incentive Program

June 02, 2009

Indiscriminate breeding is one contributing factor to the number of unwanted horses. The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) is now offering incentives for responsible Kentucky horse owners to reduce the number of horses capable of reproduction through... Read More


Castration Clinics Snip Away at Unwanted Horse Population

May 27, 2009

Equine groups across the country are attempting to reduce the number of unwanted horses at the source, through subsidized castration clinics aimed to reduce the number of foals hitting the ground.

Read More


SmartPak Equine Becomes AQHA Corporate Partner

May 03, 2009

SmartPak Equine, provider of the popular patented daily-dose SmartPak supplement service, has been named the Official Supplement Feeding System of the American Quarter Horse Association.

"We are delighted to be partnering with AQHA and... Read More


Kentucky Ice Storm Illustrates Anatomy of a Disaster

April 07, 2009

A winter weather warning for Kentucky had been issued, and all the horses were in the barn for the night as a precaution. After all, how often have the weather forecasters been overenthusiastic about "catastrophic" storms?

Overnight the... Read More


Reproduction Research

March 17, 2009

During the 2008 AAEP Convention, experts discussed multiple topics relating to equine reproduction.... Read More


Winter Whoas

January 01, 2009

The two Miniature Horses and the Miniature Donkey came trotting through the early morning gloom from the frozen field into the spotlight of the barn for their morning hay. As they got closer, I noticed they were moving ... funny. Not the ha-ha... Read More


Castration Technique Could Reduce Complications

June 30, 2008

A new sterilization technique that leaves a stallion's testicles in place but nonfunctioning might provide a safe, simple, and reliable alternative to traditional castration methods, according to Iranian researchers.

In the... Read More


From Breeding to Birth

February 01, 2007

Testing innovative techniques and brushing up on common procedures are the lifeblood of advancing any medical specialty, and the field of equine reproduction is no exception. Veterinarians are always looking for new ways to improve procedures they... Read More


Another Approach to Equine Castration

February 01, 2007

The use of the Stone Henderson Equine Castration Instrument, which allows veterinarians to geld colts using an attachment on a battery-powered drill, has gained speed since its debut at the 2005 American Association of Equine Practitioners'... Read More


Stallion-like Behaviors

December 01, 2006

I castrated my gelding at 17 months (November 2005). A veterinarian with 35 years of experience showed me the epididymides. My mare had her first heat cycle in March (2006). He mounted and bred her as if he was a stallion. Every time she is in heat... Read More


Illegal Castration of Horses Rife in New Zealand

October 04, 2006

According to The New Zealand Herald, castration of horses by lay persons is a recurring problem in the country. Two individuals have... Read More


AAEP Convention 2005: How-To Henderson Castration Instrument

February 17, 2006

Possibly one of the most talked-about presentations at the 2005 AAEP Convention, held Dec. 3-7 in Seattle, Wash., discussed the proper usage of the power-drill-mounted Henderson castration instrument in horses. Mark Reilly, DVM, of the South... Read More


Study Compares Cost of Castration Methods

November 01, 2005

Even considering a higher rate of complications, castrations performed in the field are less expensive than sterile procedures performed in a hospital setting, according a United Kingdom study.

The study compared the intial cost and... Read More


Maryland Group Selects Site for Horse Park Feasibility Study

October 10, 2005

The Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) announced today (Oct. 10) that the Naval Academy Dairy Farm located in Gambrills, Md. has been selected for the feasibility study for the Maryland Horse Park. The search for the site began in May, when... Read More


AAEP Convention 2004 Wrap-Up: Kester News Hour

March 03, 2005

Probably the best-attended session at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention, the Kester News Hour features brief reports of new research that was too new or brief for inclusion in the scientific program. The... Read More


What is a Cryptorchid?

January 01, 2005

Cryptorchid, ridgling, and even rig are terms used to describe a stallion with at least one undescended testis. The condition is not unique to equids, but the horse is of specific importance as the retained testis fails to produce viable sperm,... Read More