Maureen Blaney Flietner

Articles by Maureen Blaney Flietner

Breeding Older Mares

As a mare's fertility wanes, there are still steps--some simple, some cutting-edge--breeders can take to obtain a foal. Read More

Horse Hoof Pads: What Are They Good For?

Sometimes horses need a little extra support or protection. Find out how hoof pads can help. Read More

Keeping the Aging Horse Comfortable

Here's how to manage senior horses' aging teeth, joints, lungs, and more. Read More

Fruitful Endeavors: Stallion Fertility

Many factors influence stallion fertility, a good number of which can be managed and improved. Read More

Fit for the Trail

Learn how recreational riders can condition and protect their equine weekend warriors. Read More

Breaking Down Body Condition

Assess your horse's body condition regularly so you can adjust his diet accordingly and identify potential problems. Read More

Staying Secure: Protect Your Horse Property From Theft

Thefts happen in barns, at horse shows, and from pastures. Learn how to keep your horses, possessions, and people safe. Read More

Managing Toxic Trees on Horse Farms

Some trees can kill horses, and horses can kill trees; ensure the equine-arbor relationship on your farm is positive. Read More

Pregnancy Failure in Horses: Why Things Go Wrong

Pregnancy failure in mares is a very real risk; here's how to prevent or handle it. Read More

An Introduction to Automatic Waterers

Do you really want to wrestle with frozen hoses? Here's what to know about automatic waterers. Read More

Feeding in Drought Conditions

Prepare for drought long before pastures wither and hay supplies dwindle. Read More

Property Pest Control

Mosquitoes and flies top most horse owners' lists of bugs to beware of, but don't forget these other pests. Read More

The Conservative Approach for Healing Horses

Many veterinarians recommend R&R and controlled exercise to heal tendon and ligament injuries. Read More

Researchers Evaluate Surgical Outcomes for Headshakers

Recent work suggests surgery could be an option for headshakers, with a long-term success rate of nearly 50%. Read More

Domestic Equids Can Still 'Chill' Like Their Ancestors

New research indicates horses can slow body processes to conserve energy when environmental factors dictate. Read More

Ultrasound Beats X Rays for Identifying Articular Lesions

Researchers identified nearly 83% of articular leasions via ultrasonography and only 62.2% via X rays. Read More

Supportive Care for Foals with Pharyngeal Dysfunction

A recent study suggests that with supportive care affected foals can lead healthy and productive lives. Read More

Steps Taken to Classify Seizures in Horses

Compared to what's known about seizures in other species, there's surprisingly little data on equine seizures. Read More