Mimi Porter

Mimi Porter lives in Lexington, Ky., where she has practiced equine therapy since 1982. Prior to that, she spent 10 years as an athletic trainer at the University of Kentucky. Porter authored The New Equine Sports Therapy, published by Eclipse Press and available at www.exclusivelyequine.com or by calling 800/582-5604.

Articles by Mimi Porter

Hands On and Happy (Massage)

Throughout history, different forms of massage have been used in cultures to relieve pain and tension in soft tissues. We humans know that massage usually feels good and provides relaxation to us, so we assume that the same will be true for our Read More

Equine Physical Therapy Advances

In 1982, I was working as an athletic trainer when a veterinarian came in for help in rehabilitating a sprained ankle. As I applied electrical stimulation and range of motion exercise, I asked him what would be done for a horse with a similar Read More

Exercise For Geriatric Horses

If you have an older horse in your care, do not assume that he will be fine functioning as a pasture ornament. Read More

Indoor Exercise In Winter

Training programs often are affected by cold, rainy weather or deep snow during the winter, but the primary concern when planning a wintertime workout is the footing that your horse will encounter. Although winter weather brings Read More

Therapeutic Ultrasound

The use of ultrasonic sound for diagnosis and treatment in human and equine medicine is not new, and in fact is becoming commonplace. Most horse breeders, for example, are familiar with the use of diagnostic ultrasound to detect and monitor Read More

Massage While You Groom

How much time per day do you spend grooming your horse? It probably varies depending on what needs to be done. Read More

Stretching for the Horse

Certainly, muscles that have become contracted due to injury could benefit from gentle stretching exercises, but what about the apparently healthy horse? We often see horses stretching themselves in their stalls. A good roll in the dust can give the Read More

Using Heat Therapy

Pain is due to muscle spasm, reduced circulation, and nerve pressure caused by connective tissue changes. Heat can address all of these causes and stimulate the repair process. Read More

Hands-On Therapies for the Horse

"Hands on" therapies for horses have grown rapidly in the past five years. Read More

Avoiding Travel Fatigue

Although most horses seem to tolerate travel it is a stress to some degree to all horses. Horses lose body weight and run the risk of respiratory disease during travel. Because of the risks no matter how seasoned the showman moving horses Read More

Photo Therapy: AKA Therapeutic Laser

Over the past decade, physical therapy tools have gained a place of respect in the management of equine injuries. As we move toward the 21st Century, a medical philosophy is blossoming based on advice from Hippocrates, a physician who lived in Read More

Warming Up In Winter

Here's what you need to know about the stresses of cold weather and how it affects a horse's metabolic demands. Read More

How to Utilize Your Equine Physical Therapist

Prior to the 1980s, physical therapy was thought to be effective only in human medical care. The parallels between human athletes and equine athletes had not yet been drawn to the extent that they are today. As trainers came to recognize that Read More