Carolyn Heinze

Carolyn Heinze ( is a freelance writer/editor. She currently works from her pied à terre in Paris, France, where she continually dreams of convincing the French Republican Guard to let her have a go-round on one of its magnificent horses. One can dream, can't they?

Articles by Carolyn Heinze

Electric Fences

Horse owners are using a variety of electric fence types to contain horses safely. Read More

A Clearer Picture (Imaging Technologies)

Advancements in imaging technologies make diagnoses easier.

For decades veterinarians have relied upon a number of different imaging tools, from radiographs to ultrasonography, to diagnose lameness, pregnancy, and Read More

Treating Irregular Heartbeats

Chances are you know someone with a heart murmur--you might even have one yourself. Usually it's discovered at birth, and most often it's nothing to worry about. The heart is fine; it just makes a sound associated with blood flow. The same can be Read More

Leg Injury Rehabilitation

When your veterinarian informs you that your 6-year-old gelding has sustained a suspensory ligament injury in his left foreleg, your heart sinks. Not only are you concerned about the amount of pain and suffering your horse will endure in the Read More

Rescue & Rehab Facilities

To most people, the aging process seems cruel. Your body becomes less dependable, you can't do things as quickly as you used to, and you take a long time to recover from illness and injury. For horses, all of this applies and, in many cases, to Read More

Prepare for Winter Now

Summer might still be going strong where you are, but we all know that sooner or later winter will be on its way, bringing shorter days, colder temperatures, and in many regions, snow and ice. For horse owners, winter is a true test of one's Read More

Stall Rest: Laid Up or Losing It?

Stall rest--a term that all horse owners and stable managers dread--is generally prescribed following severe injury such as fractures, large wounds, surgery, and in some cases of lameness. How strictly imposed the stall rest is depends upon the sever Read More

Ready for Retirement?

As the average lifespan for a horse increases, how do we make retired life as comfortable as possible? Read More

The Grass is Not Always Greener

The word "horse" conjures up images of graceful, powerful animals roaming across miles of rolling hills, periodically stopping to graze on lush, green grass. In reality, such scenes are rare; these days, many horses live without Read More

Trailering Older Horses: On the Road Again

Senior horses require extra attention, especially during a long haul. Here's what to consider. Read More