Fred McCashin, VMD, MSc

Fred McCashin, VMD, MSc, is a private practitioner at Carolina Equine Clinic in Southern Pines, N.C., and a member of the AAEP's Purchase Examination Committee.

Articles by Fred McCashin

Gray Horse Disease--Melanoma

It is interesting that Federico Tesio in his book Breeding The Race Horse described the inheritance of the gray coat color like a disease or defect, since melanoma skin tumors are so common in the gray horse. On the other hand, the gray Read More

Importance of a Purchase Exam

There are so many unknowns about a horse that you want to minimize any surprises you may get down the road. Purchasing a horse is an exciting and uplifting experience, and you want your expectations to be fulfilled. In order to avoid any Read More

Graveled Horses

The barn manager said my horse was "graveled" and called the veterinarian. Could you please explain what that means? Read More