David Ramey, DVM

"David Ramey, DVM, is a 1983 graduate of Colorado State University. After completing an internship in equine medicine and surgery at Iowa State University, he entered private equine practice in southern California in 1984. Dr. Ramey is also a noted author and lecturer, having written for and spoken to professional and lay audiences around the world on many topics pertaining to horse health. See also http://www.horseandriderbooks.com/david_ramey.html."

Articles by David Ramey

Mosquito Dunk Danger?

Has there been any research on the safety of using "BTi mosquito dunks" in horse water troughs and buckets? Read More

Needing a Pick-Me-Up

Is my mare's lack of energy due to the low weight? What are the other possible causes? Read More

Acupuncture: Eager Boys and Wolves

Veterinarians have heard of "promising" claims of "complementary" or "alternative" veterinary medicine (CAVM) for at least three decades. The only thing that's not been forthcoming is good evidence of effectiveness. Read More

Are We Over-Vaccinating?

Is there a reliable test to check the titer of immunity before we revaccinate each year for flu, rhino, etc.? Read More

Nutrition During Stall Rest

I purchased a 3-year-old Thoroughbred gelding with a fractured knee. My veterinarian put him on lay-up for an additional Read More

Joint Supplements and Vitamins

I have a 2-year-old Quarter Horse gelding in training. When should I start giving him joint and vitamin supplements? Read More

Regulation of Supplements

Recently, an alarm was sounded that "the authorities" are trying to take away supplement products sold over-the-counter to horse owners. Some people have portrayed it as if Big Brother were trying to keep useful products away from the animals Read More

Forelimb Flexion Test

You've decided to sell your horse and the potential buyer has sent a veterinarian to your farm to perform a purchase exam. As you stand beaming with satisfaction next to who you hope will be the new owner, the veterinarian picks up Read More