What's My Horse Really Worth?

April 01, 2005

Sometimes circumstances make it necessary to determine the actual monetary value of a horse. If an owner purchases a mortality insurance policy on a horse, for example, it is necessary to know approximately how much it will cost to replace ... Read More


Importing and Exporting Horses: World Travelers

March 03, 2005

With the advent of the Internet, cheaper airline travel options, and popularity of foreign breeds, more people are importing and exporting horses between countries. But whether home or abroad, purchasing or selling a horse is seldom simple.... Read More


Panel Discusses Veterinary Disclosure, Accountability

November 09, 2004

The issue of full disclosure of veterinary procedures for horses offered at auction generated lively discussion during the Nov. 2 Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers' Club meeting in Lexington. The Sales Integrity Task Force is preparing a... Read More


Purchase Exams: Safe and Sound

July 01, 2004

Buying that first horse can be exciting and scary. Getting that dreamed-about horse is the exciting part, and being concerned that you don't make mistakes in choosing the right one is the disconcerting and worrisome part. In this article, we'll... Read More


Purchase, Design, and Management of the Farm

August 20, 2003

So you want to have your own horse farm. Should you build or buy? Hire a real estate agent or go out looking on your own? What about once you've acquired a facility--how do you manage the soil, fencing, employees, security, and manure? Four... Read More


Numbers Fall For Keeneland November Sale; MRLS Blamed

September 26, 2002

Keeneland will catalog 3,597 lots for the November breeding stock sale in Lexington, Ky. The number is down by 12.6% from last year's figure of 4,119. Tom Thornbury, Keeneland's associate director of sales, identified the effects of mare... Read More


Horse Auctions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

September 01, 2002

For some, a horse auction is an excellent place for buyer and seller to meet and arrive at fair market value for an animal. To others, a horse auction is the place where good money was spent on a horse which couldn't, or didn't, perform up to... Read More


Pre-Sale Questions

September 01, 2002

A pre-sale veterinary examination for a horse of any age in any discipline should address two questions. Can this particular individual, in the opinion of the examiner, be expected--barring illness or injury--to reach competition in a timely... Read More


Radiographs and Selecting Racehorses

August 22, 2002

Veterinarians should select racehorses at auction, not "radiographically clean horses," Thoroughbred farm Three Chimneys' resident veterinarian Jim Morehead, DVM, told Australia's leading equine veterinarians at a yearling radiographic seminar... Read More


Basics of Being an Employer

August 01, 2002

You probably know the employment drill all too well--you place an ad in the local newspaper or on the bulletin board at the feed/tack store, ask your friends for a few names, interview some job prospects, review your budget, review your budget... Read More


Australia Looks at Repositories for Some Auctions

April 19, 2002

A repository for X rays will be set up for at least some of Australia's major yearling sales well ahead of the 2003 auctions. Following the imbroglio that engulfed the recent Australian Easter sale, the setting up of an X ray bank for the main... Read More


Purchase Exam: What Does It Do For You?

March 01, 2002

Purchasing a horse means embarking on an exciting adventure. It is a big step along a path of realizing equestrian dreams and goals, no matter how small or large these might be. A new horse becomes part of your family and a distinctive part of... Read More


High-Tech Horse Purchases

March 01, 2002

The Internet has become an everyday tool for horse owners. Not only does it allow easy and immediate communication with friends and business associates around the world, it opens the doors to purchasing just about anything we need for our horses... Read More


Barretts Plans To Limit Clenbuterol Use at Juvenile Auctions

January 29, 2002

All the details have not been finalized, but Barretts Equine Limited plans to prevent consignors from treating their juvenile sale horses with clenbuterol within 72 hours of presale under tack shows. The California auction company also plans to... Read More


Keeneland Hosts Digital X-Ray Technology Demonstration

January 24, 2002

Keeneland is exploring digital X-ray technology with the idea of improving the repository for its sales. But there probably won't be any major changes this year, according to Keeneland's director of sales, Geoffrey Russell.

Read More


Breeding Contracts: Read the Fine Print

December 01, 2001

Spring -- a time for new beginnings and unrealized potential -- might be the most enjoyable season of the year for a mare owner. The sight of a healthy foal romping with its dam in the field can easily pus... Read More


AAEP Convention Forum: Purchase Exams at Public Auction

November 30, 2001

One of your top clients wants you to look at a filly he has his eye on at the sales. You must give him your honest opinion on the horse by looking at radiographs taken by another veterinarian and housed in a repository.... Read More


Lien On Me

October 11, 2001

Unpaid bills can be the ruin of any business. Whether you operate a large training stable or a modest boarding farm, the way you deal with the inevitable client who cannot, or will not, pay the board bill might decide whether your business... Read More


Boarding Contracts Part 2

October 05, 2001

Many attorneys recommend including in boarding contracts an exculpatory clause in which the boarder agrees to a waiver of the farm's liability for personal injuries or injuries to the horse. This is important due to the nature o... Read More


Dealing With Agents

October 03, 2001

Several years before his death, comedian-actor John Candy teamed with   Eugene Levy in a video spoof of musical documentaries. They portrayed the inept, accordion-playing Schmenge brothers in "The Last Polka." At one point in the... Read More


Life After Colic Surgery

August 01, 2001

Is there any statistical data that shows a correlation between colic surgery and future health? ... Read More


Buying or Building a Farm

June 01, 2001

Buying or building a horse farm can be a challenging venture where dreams might or might not become reality, and where budgets dictate compromise. The buyer needs to consider what is more advantageous: To build on empty land, or to buy a... Read More


Sales Prepping Yearlings

May 01, 2001

As spring moves into summer, the primary focus of activity on many breeding farms is preparation of yearlings for sale. There isn't much scientific research on exercising horses at that young age, yet many farms are using forced exercise to make... Read More


Equine Insurance

February 01, 2001

Can you protect yourself against potential calamities by purchasing insurance? The answer to that question is easy. Yes. You can insure your horse for a wide variety of eventualities--all the way from being struck by lightning or hit by a car... Read More


BHS Warns of Unscrupulous Dealers

December 15, 2000

The British Horse Society (BHS) recently issued a warning to British horse owners about the dangers of unscrupulous dealers. BHS reports that dealers have been advertising in equestrian magazines for “companion” horses. Owners sell horses to... Read More