Handling and Restraint


Tips for Stallion Handlers

January 01, 2005

"Starting a novice breeding stallion can range from a quick and easy project accomplished in a few brief sessions to a challenging and time-consuming effort over many sessions and even a few weeks," said Sue McDonnell, PhD, a Certified Applied... Read More


Tips for Stallion Handlers, From Novice to Advanced

November 16, 2004

Even though we think a stallion should know his business in the breeding shed, that is not always the case at the beginning. "Starting a novice breeding stallion can range from a quick and easy project accomplished in a few brief sessions to a... Read More


Using the Twitch Properly

November 01, 2004

Can you explain in your column how a twitch works and your recommendations for how to use it most effectively? ... Read More


Practical and Safe Horse Handling

October 12, 2004

Editor's Note: This excerpt is from Chapter 3 of Care & Management of Horses by Heather Smith Thomas. The book is available from Read More


Troopers Instruct Iraqi Horse Handlers

October 06, 2004

Trading computers and badges for saddles and spurs has provided a welcome break for troopers of the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division's Horse Cavalry Detachment working with Saddam Hussein’s former horses at the Baghdad Zoo.

After... Read More


Breaking A Young Horse

October 01, 2004

My husband and I recently broke my 3-year-old mare to ride. The first few times she rode like a dream, then she caught on to the idea that when we catch her, she has to work, and she has gotten a bad attitude. Her new antics include bucking. I'v... Read More


Spooking on Trail

October 01, 2004

I have a 17-year-old Arabian mare. When trail riding, she looks for every opportunity to jump, spook, or take off, especially now that my other horse, her companion, no longer accompanies her. The companion is 30 years old, and due to a recent... Read More


Tying and Hobbling

September 21, 2004

Whether on a pack trip into the mountains or on a weekend trail ride during which you return to your trailer at night, it is important that your trail horse has been taught to stand quietly when tied, hobbled, or tethered by one foot to a picket pin.... Read More


Taming an Aggressive Foal

September 01, 2004

We recently were blessed with a healthy filly. However, the breeder we bought the mare from had her due date wrong. She came five weeks before we were expecting her. She was born in the pasture with another mare present. Th... Read More


Blind and Restless

June 01, 2004

My horse is 95% blind, and when he's not eating or sleeping he walks in circles. What can I do to stop this behavior? ... Read More


Rock Hard Ten Goes to Gate School

May 25, 2004

(from Belmont Park notes)

In the Preakness on May 15, Rock Hard Ten, a huge colt, was especially conspicuous. As the last horse loaded into the gate at Pimlico, Rock Hard Ten had the attention of the racing world and NBC's... Read More


Trick Training Your Horse to Success

May 10, 2004

From Chapter 4: Teaching Your Horse to Bow

I like to start trick training by teaching the bow. It can be either easy or very difficult to teach, depending on how smart your horse is and how well you can teach it.... Read More


Handling a Hostile Broodmare

March 01, 2004

My mare just had a colt today and I have a concern about it because she is 13 years old and not broken. She had been broken three times prior to me getting her, and she won't come near anyone. My question is: How will I be able to mess with the... Read More


All New 2004 Parelli Tour on the Road

February 18, 2004

Pat Parelli's all new "Love - Language - Leadership" seminar launched Feb. 7-8 in Kissimmee, Fla. The tour includes approximately 24 stops in 2004. Each seminar includes two jam-packed days of natural horsemanship, savvy secrets, and practical... Read More


Police Horse Diary 02/10/04

February 10, 2004

Will spring ever come? I don’t know about where you live, but I’m tired of cold weather, frozen water tanks, and frozen ground that then turns into a muddy quagmire the few days it gets above freezing. This hasn’t made for good training for the... Read More


Hauling Training

February 01, 2004

I'd like recommendations for safe hauling for weanlings. What's the easiest way to proceed for happy hauling?... Read More


Abusive Training for Stud Colts

December 01, 2003

I hope you are not offended by this question, and that you will find time to answer it if you know anything about it or maybe could refer me to someone else who might have heard of this fairly unusual advice. My boyfriend was afraid to write... Read More


Police Horse Diary: 11/13/03

November 13, 2003

My apologies for the prolonged interim between entries. Family medical and other emergencies (drunk driver demolishes grandmother's attached garage with full-size pick-up truck) took away from writing time.

The boys are really growing,... Read More


Tough Catches

November 01, 2003

I have an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse that was vaccinated two weeks ago with no apparent reaction. A w... Read More


Feeding Horses in Group Settings: Managing the Mob

October 01, 2003

When feeding horses at pasture or in large paddocks, it can often be a challenge to make sure each horse gets his share of the feed, while reducing waste and feed contamination. Management is the key to successfully feeding horses in a group setting,... Read More


Parelli Natural Horsemanship University is Country's First Approved Private Vocational School of Its Kind

October 01, 2003

Approval of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship University in late June as a private occupational school by the Colorado Department of Higher Education distinguished Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) as the first such institution in the country... Read More


Safe Horse Handling

September 01, 2003

Colorado State University (CSU) and Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship have agreed to jointly create a safe horse-handling program for veterinary students, veterinarians, and horse owners, educating them about how to work around horses on a daily... Read More


Gentling Abused Colts

June 01, 2003

I run a rescue ranch in Tucson for abused horses and dogs. I recently got in two young horses about six to eight months old, weighing in at about 500 pounds each. They have been badly branded, and they appear to be beaten up pretty badly.... Read More


Cutting-Edge Hoof Education

May 01, 2003

All of the cutting-edge hoof information presented at this symposium is very helpful to the fledgling field of equine podiatry. Equally valuable is the open, helpful atmosphere in which everyone is learning and helping each other understand new conce... Read More


Pat Parelli: Anvil Side Manner

April 14, 2003

"For seven years in a row, I've been voted the world's worst shoer," joked world-renowned clinician Pat Parelli at the 16th annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium Jan. 16-18 in Louisville, Ky., to begin a discussion on "Anvil Side Manner."... Read More